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• 1/6/2019

Night 231

Here you may provide and discuss spoilers for the incoming chapter!

The chapter was released on January 21, 2019.

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 231 /!\

The chapter is titled Searching for A.W. - Prologue

You want to read the chapter? Go here: There! https://readms.net/r/dgrayman/231/5626/1

You want to go to the wiki page for the chapter? Go here: https://dgrayman.fandom.com/wiki/Saying_Goodbye_to_A.W._-_Prologue

How did you like this chapter?
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• 10/15/2018

Night 230

Here you may discuss the latester chapter of D.Grayman.

The Chapter was released on October, 19 2018

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 229 /!\

You want to read the chapter? Go here: https://mangadex.org/chapter/468544/1

You want to check the wiki page for this chapter? Go here: https://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Saying_Goodbye_to_A.W._-_Light_and_Tears

The chapter is named :Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Light and Tears

Next chapter will be released in January 2019

Ch. 230 (D.Gray-man) - MangaDex
Ch. 230 (D.Gray-man) - MangaDex MangaDex
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• 8/16/2018

The protagonists of "The hidden side of the Holy War" (and Road's stance in that War)

Hello there, i'm new to D.Gray-man and just read it (in two days) so with this wiki I've been trying to clear things up.
Apart from the main turning point of the plot, which regards the identity of Mana/Nea/(Tiky ?), my attention was drawn by something else. It first came out as "whose side is Road on ?" and by rereading recent chapters I refined the question as "who is against who in this holy war ?".
As you now the 2 main opponents in this holy war are the Black Order and The Noah.
However what interests us today is what Cross refers to as "the hidden side of the Holy War" in Allen's Dream (also way before in chapter 167), which leads to the third protagonist of this war : The Nea-Cross group.
So my first question was : is Road part of this group ?
My answer to this question would be yes, indeed Road has shown overwhelming affection towards Allen/Nea, even protecting him against Apocreepy. There is also the fact that she really loves Tiky who seems to be Nea former incarnation's doppelganger. And while she says to Wisely that Nea's is creepy she also warns Nea's that Allen is dangerous after the latter meets with cross in the dream.
To go even further in that theory, i wonder if Road might not be the trigger for the Earl wanting the 14th back into the Noah's family. Indeed it seemed not logical to me that the Earl would want the traitor back during the Alma arc, and the fact that the Earl is drawn to the 14th might be caused by Road. Anyway, Road being the sole survivor of Nea's massacre is suspicious, and she seems to know things only her and the Bookman now, perhaps also keeping her miniature form is something she does in order to avoid being read by wisely.
Now what about Cross and Nea ? They seemed to work together, but I think Nea is kind of a backup plan for Cross. To me what Cross wants the most is for Allen to succeed, i don't see otherwise why he would tell Allen to go seek the Bookman in the mansion. This idea is also shown by Road when she says "we are being used by them, "Allen" is dangerous", them being Road+Nea. However it seems that following Nea was originally Cross's plan and that Allen determination gave him another, better exit to the Holy War, and he verifies that determination when, within the dream, he clearly states that it is the end of Allen, but then tells him to walk forward, which is in itself contradictory.
So it appears that because of Allen, the Cross+Nea+Road+Allen+Tim group split in two.
However i think there are other people that belong to that special group of protagonists.
One of them would be the Bookman, it indeeds appear Cross and him seem have strong connection and he knows about the "hidden side of the war". I think he also states somewhere (but i can quite remember) that he is the only person who knows a specific thing about Allen or Cross (please tell me where if you remember). And although the bookmen are meant to record history, they role might be a little more than that, otherwise why would the bookman wait for Allen ?
The only other whom i can think about is the man in the background in page 17 of chapter 218 (which is imho one of the most revealing drawing with page 15 chapter 135). Who is it ? Is it another bookman ? A Noah ? A friend of Cross ? The appearance of this man is anyway very troubling as he seems to be a key to the story but all we can see is his strong glance.
On a final note i think that the wonders around Mana Walker/Cambell identities and Allen aging in reverse (or being two different persons) are strongly related to the protagonists of that hidden side of the war. I think we will know more when Allen meets Bookman or when Wisely/Road explain who Mana is to Tiky. Now we have to hope the chapters will come asap...

PS : Sorry if i have made English mistakes i'm not a native speaker ^^
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• 7/19/2018

Night 229

Here you may discuss the latester chapter of D.Grayman. It was released on July 19, 2018.

Read the chapter here https://mangadex.org/chapter/413619/1

If you want to go to the wiki page for this chapter, go here: https://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Saying_Goodbye_to_A.W._-_Concealment_and_Confidant

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 229 /!\

The chapter is named :Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Concealment and Confidant

Next chapter will be released in October 2018

Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Obscuration and Confident
Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Obscuration and Confident D.Gray-man Encyclopedia
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• 4/21/2018


Every time I check the wiki I like to count how many exorcist are still fighting in the order. Out of the 20 Exorcist 13 are still alive 2 are unknown and 5 aren't with the order. So atm TBO has only 2 Generals working for them.
So I started re-watching the anime and I got to the episode where Allen first got his sword. In that episode Hevlaska starts getting labor pains because a new general is being "born". At the same moment Allen converts his arm into his sword. Then Komui is like "Why am I thinking of Allen Walker?" which basically tells us Allen is the upcoming general.
I bring this up because I just find it amazing that he's that strong, and it's a shame that the show never really brings it up again. Like, there in need of generals. I'm surprised they didn't take their chances with Allen. Also, Tiedoll mentioned that Kanda is also at general level. The Order is in a real pinch because 2 of their new Generals are runaways and an old one they've had for awhile has abandoned them too. At some point I hope this just gets brought up again, because both Kanda and Allen are really strong, and it would be nice if we get to know more about the generals. Ngl tho General Walker has a nice ring to it
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• 4/14/2018

D. Gray Man's Art Style

So after seeing a tease of the recent image of the new chapter that we hope is soon-to-be-released, I began reflecting upon the style of Hoshino-san's work over the years and was wondering what everyone else thought of how the art style has changed in either or both the manga or Animated episodes, and if anyone had a favorite point in the series' timeline for the art style....? I'll add an image of it at the end alongside one of the new chapter to compare.

On a related note, one of my personal favorites is actually the cover of volume #16 where we see several prominant and familiar members of the Order's science Division looking outwards towards the reader as a pair of doors open behind them, as if they're welcoming a comrade who's hand is stretched forward in the lower foreground. It's a very warm image I've always enjoyed looking back at, although I am also fond of the newer covers of the current and previous chapters using vibrant watercolors, although the edgy dark black and crimson reds of the new chapter seem to tell this could be a more serious chapter with important information.
Post image
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• 4/11/2018

Night 228

Here you may discuss the latest chapter of D.Gray-man. It was released on April 16, 2018.

You want to read night 228? Go here: https://www.mangareader.net/dgray-man/228

You are searching for the wiki page of the chapter? Go here: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Saying_Goodbye_to_A.W._-_Poison_and_Guide

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 227 /!\

The chapter is named "Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Poison and Guide"

You can rate the chapter here!:
How did you like Night 228?
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• 2/25/2018

True - but funny

Characters in D GrayMan be like . .
Found on Tumblr - original post by blaxisthegoldenwitch
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• 1/9/2018

Night 227

Here you may discuss the chapter 227 of D.Gray-man. It was released on January 19, 2018.

You want to read night 227? Go here: https://mangadex.com/chapter/5969

You are searching for the wiki page of the chapter? Go here: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Saying_Goodbye_to_A.W._-_Secrets_and_Remains

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 227 /!\

The chapter is named "Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Secrets and Remains"

You can rate the chapter here!: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Night_227
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• 11/16/2017

The General Statistics. Love them? Hate them? What would yours be?

Probably one of my favorite things to read in regards to each of the character's wikis is the General Statistics lists that are specifically unique to them. I find it fascinating there are so many different options, and that some of the Statistics of certain characters have changed or are specific to that character through the story's progression. :) I've wondered if anyone else enjoys reading these, or what your reasons would be for disliking them, and if there was anyone whom would enjoy sharing what their statistics would be just for fun, so I've compiled a list of the majority of these Statistics which I will post seperately. <3 I'm looking forward to hearing what you all would pick for yourselves!
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• 10/11/2017

Night 226

Here you may discuss the 226th chapter of D.Gray-man. It was released on October 16, 2017.

You want to read night 226? Go here: http://www.mangareader.net/dgray-man/226

You are searching for the wiki page of the chapter? Go here: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Searching_for_A.W._-_Live_Man_%2B_Dead_Man

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 226 /!\

The chapter is named "Searching for A.W. Live Man + Dead Man"

You can rate the chapter here!: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Night_226
Night 226
Night 226 D.Gray-man Encyclopedia
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• 10/4/2017

New Chapter?

ジュン太 on Twitter
ジュン太 on Twitter Twitter
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• 8/7/2017

Official Fanbook: Gray Log

The long-awaited fanbook is finally out!
You can use this topic to provide infos and images from the not yet english released fanbook and discuss them!
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• 6/26/2017

Customize your own innoncence

What your own innoncence to be?
Mine will be Star conductor.
It will be a Conductor rod.
When activate, I swing around.
Effect - Starlight fall and Comet crash from the sky. It like an orchestra just with Star and Space Planet.
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• 4/7/2017

Night 225

You want to read Night 225? Go here:

For the wiki page of the chapter, go here:

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 225 /!\

The chapter is named "Visiting A.W. - CALL 2".

Here you can discuss about the latest chapter of D.Gray-Man .

How did Wisely prevent the Noah from retrieving informations from Bookman and what does he know?
What happened to Lavi?
What does Nea mean by "that reincarnated form of yours, I could laugh and spit up the food I ate" to Tyki?
Could Nea have activated the innocence?
What is Link thinking and what will he do?
Is Allen safe for now?

> The chapter is 34 pages long
> Night 226 should be released in October

Did you like this chapter? Vote here!
D.Gray-Man 225 - Read D.Gray-Man 225 Online - Page 1
D.Gray-Man 225 - Read D.Gray-Man 225 Online - Page 1 www.mangareader.net
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• 1/29/2017

Poll Propositions

Hello! As you probably noticed there are some polls on the main page of the wiki.
As it isn't very fun if I'm the only one to create them, I open this discussion so that you can propose your own poll that will be featured!

There are 3 category:

General: So this is a poll about general things on the mangz without spoiling much.
Wiki: Anything related to the wiki itself or the contributors
Spoilers: Questions regarding the latest chapters or let's say the last story arc.
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• 1/19/2017

Night 224

You want to read Night 223? Go here: http://www.mangareader.net/dgray-man/224
For the wiki page of the chapter go here: http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Visiting_A.W._-_CALL_1

/!\ From now everything written is spoiler from the latest chapters of the manga until night 224 /!\

/!\ Do not provide informations of chapter after 224 please /!\

The chapter is named "Visiting_A.W._-_CALL_1".

Here you can discuss about the latest chapter of D.Gray-Man .

What will come out of the encounter of Nea and Tyki?
What is the relation between these two?
Will the arc end soon?
What about Link and Fiidora?
What will happen to the captured Apocryphos?
Will Allen manage to escape his fate?

> The chapter is only 7 pages long.
> Night 225 will be released in Spring 2017

Did you like this chapter? Vote here! http://dgrayman.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Night_224
Night 224 D.Gray-man Encyclopedia
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• 1/15/2017

Name That Person lol

I got into this debate with Skylent. And I think it'd be interesting to put out for discussion. I posted a pic that drawed attention to a character. But there's debate on who the character is.

Here's the full pic.
From looking, who do you think that is with Tim?

I always assumed a younger Cross
Skylent says it may be Marvin Huskin
Some thought it was Allen for a sec. But Allen doesn't smoke.
etc. lol

So everyone. Who the heck is that? lol

I was saying a younger Cross for the longest, since Allen doesn't smoke. And it'd make sense for Tim to be with Cross if he's not with Nea. Now, if it's Cross, he's for no facial hair, and he's not wearing a mask. But Hoshino has drawn him without his mask twice that I know of.

Here's the 2 pix where Cross has no mask.
I notice when his mask and glasses are off, she draws his hair coming over his face more -as if there's something on that side we don't need to see yet. If his mask is on, his hair doesn't cover his face to that extent.

Examples. Both pix, he's got on his mask, and both pix, his hair isn't coming over that far on his face.

Then the figure with Tim has ruffled sleeved shirts, and that seems standard of Cross to wear. Hoshino even stating in his concept design that she puts him in those kinds of shirts to show that he's fashionable.
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• 12/23/2016

Nea's reincarnation

There seems to be many mysteries in Nea's reincarnation. Is Allen the same Allen Nea knew? How did he get younger? How does the reincarnation work?
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• 12/18/2016

Animes VS Manga

What are your opinions regarding both anime? Did you like better the anime or the manga? Was Hallow up to your expectations? What did you like or what didn't you like?
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