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Allen has no memory of his birth parents; he only knows he was abandoned. Before he activated his Innocence for the first time at the age of ten, he was completely unable to move his left arm.[1]

  • Age 7: Met Mana and began to travel with him.[2]
  • Age 9: Became a clown alongside Mana as they traveled.
  • Age 10: Mana died. On Christmas Eve, Allen made a deal with the Earl to bring Mana back, turning Mana into an Akuma. Allen's Innocence activated and destroyed Mana. Shortly after, Allen was found by Cross.[3]
  • Age 11: Allen began to travel with Cross and learn how to control his Innocence.
  • Age 15: Cross abandoned Allen in India. Allen found his way to the Black Order and became an Exorcist.


Early Life & Garvey Circus[]

Allen was abandoned by his biological parents, because of the perceive deformity of his left arm (which was later revealed to be caused by his Innocence).[4] He late became a part of the traveling Garvey Circus, where his deformity could be used in the freak-show. Allen refused to become a freak, and instead he did odd jobs for the circus to survive. He had no name at the time and was referred to as "Red Arm" (in reference to the color of his left arm). Red was largely shunned and ignored by the circus troupe, with the exception of the clown: Cosimov. Cosimov often beat Allen and would often blame Allen for his mistakes, and when Mana Walker, who joined as a new clown, quickly gained popularity over Cosimov, Cosimov's abusive behavior towards Red grew even more severe.

After a later performance, Cosimov chastised Allen for being "too gloomy." Allen refused to concede and argued with Cosimov, culminating in headbutting Cosimov. Cosimov beat Allen, until the ringmaster entered and asked why Cosimov was beating Allen. Cosimov said that Allen was refusing to work; the ringmaster threatens Allen, and Allen walk out into the snow to vent his frustration. Outside, Allen sees the new clown who is singing a melody. Allen feels like he has heard the song before, and - feeling nostalgic - Allen sheds a tear. After the song ends, the clown is chased by his dog and runs into his own tent. Allen believes that the new clown is strange.[5]

The next day, Allen comes upon the the dog of the new clown while doing his chores. The dog steals one of the balls that Allen was supposed to clean. Allen chases the dog around the circus, due to fear of punishment, but eventually Allen collapses in the snow due to exhaustion. Tired and hungry, Allen considers death, but then the dog returns with the ball. Allen tries again to retrieve the ball, but the dog is too quick for him and he fails. The dog plays with Red for a while, until it finally gives the ball back to Allen and licks Allen's at bruises. Red is curious at the dog's action.[6].

The dog then frequently visits Allen. The dog keeps Allen company and plays with him, even while Allen is doing chores. Slowly, Allen builds a connection with the dog and develops a bond with it, but Cosimov is jealous of the new clown - the dog's owner - and attempts to have the dog killed by asking Allen to mix broken glass into its food. Allen refuses, so Cosimov beats him. [7]

Red cries

Red cries for Allen.

On Christmas Day, Allen finds the dog dead. It is lying outside the circus where its owner Mana Walker buries it. Mana grieves that his dog had been beaten to death, and - after grieving alongside Mana - Allen learns that the dog's name was "Allen." Mana cannot cry for his dog, and thanks Allen for crying in his place. Allen asks why Mana does not cry or take revenge for his dog's death, but Mana explains that it would only create more sadness and that will lead the way to the Millennium Earl. Allen did not know the Millennium Earl at the time, and did not think too much of the statement.

Allen continues to spend time with Mana, and gradually opens up due to Mana's kindness. He even perform with Mana during a circus promotional evet, despite his hatred of performing, which is when Cosimov reveals himself to be the culprit that killed the dog; this causes Allen to attack him Cosimov. Allen is stopped - before he can land an attack on Cosimov - by Mana, who takes the blow instead. Mana urges Allen to stop, because revenge will only cause more sadness, but Allen is enraged that Mana took the blow for Cosimov. He proceeds to beat Mana with his left hand.

During all the commotion, Cosimov fools the troupe into believing Allen killed the dog. Allen is put into a cage, the Apocryphos slaughters everyone in the circus. Allen escapes, where he finds Mana covered in blood and mentally unstable. Mana calls Allen "Allen", even when Allen tells Mana that the dog is dead. Allen realises that Mana must have damaged his memories when Allen beat him, and this causes Allen to be overcome with guilt. Mana continues to call Allen "Allen", instead of "Red", and Allen swears to assume the identity of "Allen" and be by his side, so that he can atone for his actions and replay the kindness that Mana showed him. This is how "Red" becomes known as "Allen". They then begin their journey together as father and son.[7]

Life with Mana[]

Earl convincing Allen

The Earl convincing Allen to bring Mana back.

Mana passes away, after travelling with Allen for some time. Allen was overcome with grief, which allows the Millennium Earl to manipulate Allen into bringing Mana back to life. After Mana realises that Allen has turned him into an Akuma, Mana curses Allen's left eye, leaving a scar of the "Pentacle", on the left side of Allen's face. This allows Allen's left eye to see the souls trapped within an Akuma. Allen's left arm is also invoked into an anti-Akuma weapon, whereby it instinctively destroys Mana against his will. Mana tells Allen that he loves him, and Allen's red hair turns white from the trauma, before Mana is destroyed. Afterward, Cross Marian - a General of the Black Order- approaches Allen and takes him on as an apprentice.

Cross's Disciple[]

Cross and Allen

Cross taking care of Allen.

Allen falls into a deep, catatonic depression due to Mana's death. Cross nurses Allen back to health at his church, with the help of Mother and Barba.[8]. Cross encourages him to live on, motivating him with Mana's favorite motto: "Don't stop, keep walking". Allen breaks free of his catatonic state and speaks to Cross, but - in contrast to his previous brash and negative personality - Allen is now a polite and kindhearted child, imitating Mana.

Cross introduces Timcanpy to Allen. Allen holds Timcanpy between his hands, and asks if he can befriend the golem, but Cross claims not to care and slams the door as he leaves. Allen travels with Cross from that moment forward, most of the time with Timcampy his side: sleeping with him as his pillow, carring him in a shoulder strap, watching him during the fights, etc. [24]

Allen depart

Allen and Cross depart.

Allen then resolved to become an Exorcist to atone for what he did to Mana, subsequently becoming Cross's disciple and spending the next three years training with him. During this time, Allen was tormented by his master's constant irresponsible behavior and is forced into playing cards and gambling, winning through cheating and deception, to pay off the debts that Cross accumulated. This, coupled with Cross' womanizing ways and harsh treatment towards him, led to Allen's fear of his master whom he never speaks fondly of. For Cross however, the abuse he constantly gives Allen is his way of getting back at him for all the time and effort he wasted taking care of him.

Cross run off

Cross prepares to knock out Allen and run off.

In the anime, While staying with Cross in India, Allen made a friend named Narain, who was working at the palace along with his sister Mina, while studying to go into medicine.[9] After one particular training incident, a depressed Allen went to see Narain, However, he found him grieving because his sister had died. Later Allen found out that Narain became an Akuma, but couldn’t think of killing his friend. Cross told Allen not to run away and fight to sever the chains of sorrow that bound Narain’s sister’s soul to the Akuma. After Allen successfully activated his arm and destroyed the Akuma, he found the experience painful, and Cross told him to get used to it, and to harden his heart to such pain in order to make it as an Exorcist. Just before being sent to the Black Order to become an official Exorcist, Cross knocked out Allen and abandoned him in India. When Allen recovered his master was long gone, leaving him to find his way alone to the Black Order.


Introduction Arc[]

Main article: Introduction Arc Allen first appears in London with Timcanpy, who got eaten by a stray cat. Chasing after the cat, Allen wanders into a "cursed" church where he is handcuffed by a police woman named Moore. Soon after, Moore's colleague Charles is attacked and killed by an Akuma, leaving Moore unconscious. After taking her to the local police station, Allen is interrogated by the Britannic Police Inspector under suspicion of killing Charles. But with no concrete evidence, they are forced to let Allen go free. As the investigation continues, Allen is entrusted to Moore and is taken to her house. This is where Allen discovers that Moore's brother-in-law, Marc, is the Akuma that killed Charles. In truth, the Marc they see before them is actually Moore's late sister, Claire, who has take over Marc's body after being turned into an Akuma. Allen then explains to Moor the existence of Akuma and the Millennium Earl who creates them. When a person calls out to the soul of a dead loved one, the Millennium Earl can entrap that soul and bind it to his will. He will then force the soul to kill and take over that person's body and turn them into an Akuma. The only way to free the soul of Akuma is by liberating them with the Innocence. After a brief fight, Allen is able to destroy the Akuma and free Claire's soul from the Millennium Earl. He bids Moore farewell and continues his way towards the Order's HQ.

Reunion with the Millennium Earl[]

While travelling through a town, Allen hears someone screaming about Akuma and quickly rushes towards them. However, it turns out it was only a prank played by a local boy, Jan. But upon closer inspection, Allen's left eye is able to detect an Akuma and he quickly destroys it before it can harm Jan. After being asked about how he knows about Akuma, Jan reveals himself to be the son of a scientist who works for the Vatican. Allen then warns him not to poke into things like the Akuma and the Millennium Earl. Angry, Jan stuns Allen with an onion bomb that he created and runs back home. After coming back to his senses, Allen decides to find the boy again to try to convince him to stop pursuing the Millennium Earl. Upon arriving at Jan's house, Jan and his friend Leo manage to escape from Allen and head towards the cemetery. Allen quickly follows them after seeing that Leo is an Akuma. When Allen arrives, he finds the Millennium Earl with the boys, telling Jan that his friend Leo has been turned into an Akuma.

Allen quickly rushes towards Leo in attempt to destroy the Akuma. But not wanting Allen to destroy his friend, Jan gets in his way. Leo, now an Akuma, quickly opens fire upon Jan, who is in shock. Allen manage to protect Jan but had to take the hit himself. As Allen's skin begins to crumble under the Akuma's weapon, the Earl once again mocks Jan for being a weakling and how Allen has wasted his life to protect someone as useless as Jan. The Earl then explains that the ugliness of the Akuma is not his doing but the image that reflects the human heart. After dispelling the curse from his body with his Innocence, Allen proclaims that he can see the soul of Akuma. That's when the Earl realizes that he's met Allen before and Allen is the boy who turned his father into an Akuma. Allen, after reminding the Earl of his deed, engages in battle with the Akuma the Earl has summoned. Jan, finally accepting the fact that Leo can't be saved, pleads for Allen to destroy Leo. With that, the Earl retreats, and Allen deactivates his Anti-Akuma weapon and falls onto ground. Jan, who is in despair of Leo's death and the events that has unfolded, finds comfort in Allen's arms. After healing up, Allen bids Jan farewell and continues on his way to the Order's HQ.

The Order's Headquarters[]

Allen and Kanda meet

Allen and Kanda's first meeting.

When Allen arrives at the Order's HQ, the Gatekeeper mistakes him for an accomplice of the Millennium Earl because of the Pentacle Mark on his left eye. Kanda, who has just returned from a mission, quickly heads out to eliminate Allen. This misunderstanding is straightened out after Allen's letter of recommendation from General Cross is finally found on Komui Lee's very cluttered desk. With this, Lenalee invites Allen in and takes him to Komui, who offers to fix his anti-Akuma weapon, which was damaged by Kanda. After examining Allen's Innocence, Komui concludes that Allen is a parasite type. Komui then goes on to repair Allen's arm in a ferocious fashion, traumatizing Allen to a huge extent. Afterwards, Allen is taken by Komui to meet Hevlaska who predicts Allen to be the "Destroyer of Time". The meaning of this is never really explained, but Bookman theorizes that "time" refers specifically to the "millennium" or even more specifically, the Millennium Earl. In essence, it is believed that this prophecy means Allen will be the one to someday destroy the Millennium Earl.

After getting inspected by Hevlaska, Komui explains to Allen about the Innocence and the purpose of the Order. The Innocence was left behind by their predecessors who fought and won against the Millennium Earl 7000 years ago during Noah's Flood a.k.a Three Days of Darkness. However, the "Three Days of Darkness" will come again and it is up to the Order to stop it. To do so, they must find the rest of the 109 pieces of Innocence and guide them to their respective user before the the Millennium Earl finds and destroys them. After briefing Allen of his duty and welcoming him into the Order as an exorcist, Allen is sent to his room to await further orders. While in his room, Allen reaffirms his promise to Mana to never stop walking no matter how cruel and hard his path may be.

Ghost of Mater Arc[]

Main article: Ghost of Mater Arc With Allen on standby, Lenalee Lee takes the opportunity to show him around the Order. Allen is able to meet many of the Order's members and quickly becomes familiar with the chef Jeryy due to Allen's huge appetite. But upon arriving at the kitchen, Allen notices that Kanda has started a fight with the Finders there, saying that Finders are useless runts that can't do anything but support exorcists. Before Kanda is able to strike a Finder, Allen intervenes and stands up to Kanda. This is Allen's second confrontation with Kanda which earns him the name Bean Sprout.

After being summoned to the head office, Komui gives Allen his first assignment: find a piece of Innocence in the town of Mater. Allen is partnered with a reluctant Kanda, and a Finder named Toma and they leave for Mater in Italy. Upon arrival, they discover that the Finders station in Mater is under attack by three Akuma and is on the verge of annihilation. Allen quickly joins the battle in an attempt to prevent any more deaths and attacks the Akuma who just turned Level 2. Kanda, who ignores Allen, manages to kill two of the three Akuma and secure the Ghost of Mater who contains the Innocence. With the Innocence secured, Kanda decides to head out first, leaving Allen behind to deal with the Level 2 Akuma alone.

Against a Level 2 Akuma with the ability to copy, wear, and shed people's appearance like a second skin, Allen is overpowered and crashes into the underground sewer of Mater. Guided by Timcanpy, Allen manages to arrive just in time to stop Kanda from killing Toma, who Kanda thought was the Akuma pretending to be Allen. In reality, the Akuma was actually pretending to be Toma and made the real Toma wear Allen's appearance as a trap. With Kanda tricked by the double trap, the Akuma is able to land a critical blow on Kanda. Allen manages to escape with Kanda and Toma to a safe spot where they coincidentally find the Ghost of Mater, Guzol, and his young companion, Lala. Overhearing their conversation, Allen realizes that Lala is actually the doll containing the Innocence while Guzol is merely a badly disfigured human. Unable to beat Allen in a fight, Lala pleads to him for mercy and tells him to let her be with Guzol before he dies. Allen, who sympathizes with both Lala and Guzol, decides to wait for Guzol to die before taking her heart. Kanda, however, demands that Allen take the Innocence inside Lala at once, arguing that if the Akuma were to take the Innocence because of Allen's foolishness, everything they sacrificed thus far would be for nothing. Allen proudly declares that if a sacrifice is necessary then he would gladly sacrifice himself to help Lala and Guzol fulfil their wish. For unlike Kanda, he cannot see the bigger picture and can only focus on that is in front of him.

The two continue to argue until the Level 2 Akuma arrives, taking Lala's heart, the Innocence, and gravely wounding Guzol. With Guzol and Lala's wish disappearing right before Allen's eyes, he becomes so enraged that his anti-Akuma arm transforms into two alternate forms. One in the shape of a cannon and the other a light saber sword. With his knew anti-Akuma weapons, Allen is able to gain the upper hand. But just when he is on the verge of winning, his Innocence rebounds as his body can't keep up with the morphed weapon. That's when Kanda decides to help despite their depute and they defeat the Level 2 Akuma together. Allen then tries to return the heart to Lala but she has already reverted back to being a mindless doll, who continues to sing to the already dead Guzol. As a tearful Allen keeps watch over the Innocence, Kanda reminds him that he is too naive, for exorcists are "destroyers" not "saviors." Allen sadly agrees but replies that he wants to be both. At that moment, Lala returns to her original self and thanks Allen for allowing her to fulfil her promise to Guzol before she broke. With tears in his eyes, Allen takes the Innocence from inside Lala and takes it back to HQ.

Destruction of the Black Order Attempt Arc[]

Main article: Destruction of the Black Order Attempt Arc

The Rewinding Town Arc[]

Main article: The Rewinding City Arc Allen and Lenalee are dispatched to a town in Germany that has been mysteriously stuck on the day "October 9" (October 28 in the anime) for thirty days. While investigating, Allen manages to save Miranda Lotto from an Akuma. But while they discussed the situation, they are attacked by three more Level 2 Akuma and are under a lot of pressure. The Akuma, however, leave them under mysterious orders despite having the upper hand. After investigating Miranda's life more, Allen and Lenalee figure out that Miranda's clock holds Innocence and that Miranda is the clock's compatible apostle. After figuring out that the time loop was caused by Miranda's lack of employment, Allen and Lenalee desperately try to help Miranda find a job. But before they can, the three of them are captured by Road Kamelot and held captive for her entertainment.

Allen meets Road

Allen getting beaten by Road.

As Road pierces Allen's left eye, Road reveals to him that she is a human and is a part of The Noah Family with direct ties to the Millennium Earl. Allen, who cannot comprehend why a human would side with Akuma, lashes out at Road. But since Road is a human, Allen could not bring himself to harm her. Seeing that Allen refuses to fight, Road tries to attack Miranda but is blocked by Allen. Seeing the injuries Allen suffered in his attempt to protect her, Miranda is able to find the strength to activate her Innocence, reverting Allen and Lenalee's injuries back in time. With their injuries gone, Allen and Lenalee work together to defeat Road and her Akuma. But to Allen's horror, Road forcefully commands one of the Level 2 Akuma to self destruct to prevent Allen from saving its soul. Horrified, Allen dashes forward in an attempt to save the soul by killing the Akuma before it detonates. Allen however, is stopped by Lenalee because the explosion would have killed Allen as well. Enraged, Allen lashes out at her for stopping him, but in response she slaps him. Road gets bored and decides to leave by opening up a portal. Just before she can, Allen points his gun at her. Knowing that Allen won't harm her, Road simply mocks Allen for being too nice before continuing into her portal. In the end, is unable to kill Road and is left to feel the anguish on his own.

With the battle over, Allen and Lenalee turn to Miranda who is still using her powers. They both of the notice right away that Miranda is straining herself to maintain the power. They ask her to deactivate her Innocence but she refuses. She tells them that if she does, all their injuries will return and she does not want to see them in pain after everything they've done for her. Allen then tells her that it's alright for her to release her power because she has already done everything she can. He explains that if not for her, none of them would have survived, and thanks her for her efforts. With that, the distraught Miranda deactivates her Innocence and both Allen and Lenalee fall to the ground as their wounds return. Miranda quickly contacts the doctor in town to care for them.

General Yeegar Falls Arc[]

Main article: General Yeegar Falls Arc

Bookman & Lavi[]

While recovering after the events of the rewinding town, Allen meets Lavi and Bookman who are also fellow exorcists. Bookman, a master of acupuncture, examines Allen's cursed eye, which had been stabbed by Road. To Bookman's surprise, the eye seems to be healing on its own but not quite enough for Allen to use it. After discussing a little bit about the Noah family with Komui, Lavi and Allen decide to go outside. When Lavi brings up the subject of the Noah family again, Allen conveys that he became an exorcist to destroy Akuma and not to kill humans. With his resolve of being an exorcist beginning to waver, Allen decides to walk downtown on his own. But while in town, Allen can't help but be suspicious of everyone around him since he is no longer able to use his cursed eye. Suddenly, an Akuma emerges from the crowd and attacks him, but he is saved just in time by Lavi.

Lavi then reminds Allen of the reason they wear their exorcist coats. Unlike Allen, Lavi and the rest of the exorcists do not have the ability to tell Akuma apart from humans. The only means they have of fighting the Akuma is to draw them out by wearing the Vatican uniform. Contemplating how hard it must be to live life suspecting everyone, and realizing that every exorcist but him has to live that life, Allen regains his resolve of being an exorcist and reminds himself of his promise to Mana - that he will continue to walk his path no matter how hard it is.

The Fall of the General[]

After returning from the town, Allen and Lavi are notified by Komui of General Yeegar's death. The general was found in Belgium nailed to a cross backward, with the words "God Hunt" carved into his back. Before dying, General Yeegar sang a same song over and over again: "The Millennium Earl is searching, searching for the precious heart. This time it wasn't me. Who will it be next?" Komui then explained to Allen that the Heart is a core piece of Innocence that serves as the power source for all remaining 108 pieces. Thus, if it is destroyed, all the Innocence will also be destroyed and humanity will lose all hope of defeating the Earl. Komui and Bookman conclude that the Millennium might be attacking the Generals first in the belief that the Heart's immense power would result in a powerful exorcist. As the Generals are usually travelling the world in search of new Exorcists, all unranked exorcists are divided into search parties and assigned the mission to find and safely escort them back to the Headquarters. Much to Allen's horror, Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, and Bookman are assigned to find General Cross.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

First Filler Arc[]

Main article: First Filler Arc

The Leaf of Revival Arc[]

When a village begins experiencing abnormal, extreme weather conditions, the Order suspects that Innocence might be the cause. Allen, Kanda, and Lavi are assigned to find and retrieve it. On their way there, they find an old man and young girl unconscious in a snowstorm and save them by taking them to a cabin. Kanda decides to continue on by himself, leaving Lavi and Allen behind.

The next day, Allen and Lavi leave and search again for the piece of Innocence. They learn that the man Frey, and his daughter Elda, who had followed the exorcists, are travelling to obtain the "Leaf of Revival" and use it to bring back Frey's deceased son, as it is rumored that the leaves of the tree can bring a person back from the dead. At the same time, Skinn Bolic and Lero, along with three Akuma, decide to look for the Innocence fragment as well. The two exorcists begin to engage in a battle with the Akuma, with the Noah just watching from the sidelines.

Kanda arrives just in time to help finish off the Akuma, however, Allen collapses due to his injuries. Later, after Kanda and Lavi retrieve the Innocence from the Leaf of Revival, they are attacked by level 2 Akuma, however Allen arrives just in time to help. Working together, the three exorcists defeat the Akuma. Before departing, Allen warns Elda about the Millennium Earl, though Frey tells him he does not need to worry.

Millennium Swordsman Arc[]

Together with Lenalee, Allen is sent to look for Kanda, who was sent on a mission to retrieve Innocence but has not contacted headquarters for a week. Before getting inside the train, Lenalee argues with Allen, telling him that she hates his cursed eye.

As they arrive at their destination, they notice the town is filled with bounty hunters as Claudia, daughter of Mister Sardini, a local rich man, has been kidnapped by a man named Vittorio. After sneaking into Sardini's house, Allen has a conversation with Sardini, who reveals Claudia is engaged to Viscount Paletti. He also reveals that Claudia told him about a man who appeared to her during the night.

Allen and Lenalee head to the colosseum, where Akuma attack the bounty hunters. Vittorio appears and defeats many of the Akuma. But it is not long before Kanda also appears and starts fighting against Vittorio, only to get hit on his right side. Allen attacks Vittorio in order to stop him from killing Kanda. Soon, Claudia appears and orders Vittorio to stop fighting him and tells Allen to let her father know she doesn't intend to return home. Kanda is taken to the nearby house of an old lady, who tells Allen and the others about the story of Princess Sandra and Vittorio, that happened a thousand years ago. Sandra wanted to marry the strongest man in the world, so every man who wanted to marry her had to defeat Vittorio. However, Vittorio always won, and Sandra eventually fell ill and died. Yet, Vittorio kept fighting even after that. Kanda wakes up, hoping to complete his mission of defeating Vittorio before the Akuma get the Innocence. But Allen tells him to stay put and trust him, Lenalee and Vittorio to protect the Innocence.

Allen returns to the colosseum where Vittorio still keeps fighting Akuma. Vittorio challenges him to fight, but Allen tries to convince him that Sandra is dead and that his fight is long over. However, Vittorio denies this and attacks Allen.

When Vittorio is about to finish off Allen, Kanda arrives and stops Vittorio. He is struck again by Vittorio's giant sword, this time on his left shoulder. Kanda, however, uses this as an opportunity to cut off Vittorio's arm, so that he would let go of his sword which contains the Innocence. Allen goes to help Kanda as they witness Vittorio dying in Claudia's arms.

Concludes non-canon section.

The Vampire of the Old Castle[]

Main article: The Vampire of the Old Castle ArcAfter being assigned the task of tracking down the missing General Cross, Allen begins to have terrible nightmares of the difficult 'training' he endured under Cross's tutelage. He also notices that Lenalee has been ignoring him. When the train made a brief stop at a village in Romania, Allen followed Lenalee off the train then apologized for lashing out at her during their fight against Road. Lenalee tearfully berates Allen for his self-sacrificing tendency, reminding him that he doesn't need to bear the burden of the fight alone anymore, because he now has friends to help him. Lenalee then stormed away, apparently still miffed but having forgiven Allen. A bewildered Allen then made to rush back on the departing train, but he is suddenly grabbed by a nearby food vendor, who is later revealed to be the village's chief, and dragged away by the villagers then tied up.

Lenalee and Bookman sent Lavi to look for Allen when they realized he is not on the train, but he ends up being captured by the villagers as well. The villagers then explain to the trussed-up Allen and Lavi that their village's inhabitants are constantly threatened by a vampire by the name of Baron Arystar Krory III. Krory initially bolted himself up in his castle, which is filled with man-eating monster plants, and the villagers never strayed there for fear of their lives. Shortly before Krory started attacking the villagers, a traveler who wore an exorcist uniform went to visit Krory and came back unscathed. He told the village chief to seek the help of those who bear the Rose Cross insignia if there was ever a problem with the Baron. The traveler's prediction became true when Krory thereafter started his bloody rampage. The traveler is then revealed to be none other than General Cross himself. Though highly skeptical of the vampire story, as a significant clue to Cross's whereabouts, Allen and Lavi stayed behind to deal with the matter as Lenalee and Bookman go on ahead to wait at the next town. Lenalee, a believer in vampires, warns the two boys not to be bitten lest they turn into vampires themselves.

Krory bites Allen

Krory biting Allen.

Allen and Lavi then entered Krory's eerie castle, accompanied by a hoard of villagers with torches and pitchforks, still denying the existence of vampires. Out of nowhere, Baron Krory rushes towards the villagers with incredible speed, snatching one, Franz, by the neck and began sucking his blood. Allen and Lavi quickly activated their Innocence and engaged Krory in battle. The fight culminates with Krory biting Allen's transformed left arm before fleeing with Franz's body, bemoaning that Allen's blood is "bitter". Lavi then teases Allen, joking that Lenalee will never speak to him again now that he's been bitten by a vampire.

After the villagers retreated in fear of Allen's transformation, Allen and Lavi enter the castle to rescue Franz. But instead of running into Krory, they run into Krory's giant man-eating flowers and his attractive assistant Eliade, who is on the way to bury Franz. Upon seeing their uniform, Eliade fed Franz to the flowers which then develop pentacle rashes before exploding violently, blowing Allen and Lavi outside to a small graveyard in the castle grounds, where Eliade usually buried Krory's victims. Upon closer inspection, they discover that Krory is not killing innocent people but actually Akumas in disguise, leading the pair to suspect that Krory might be an Innocence accommodator.

Meanwhile, Krory visits his late grandfather's portrait and laments his uncontrollable descent into monstrosity. Arystar Krory the First was an eccentric man, and the carnivorous flowers are actually his precious collection. He prevents Krory the third from leaving the castle, persuading him he is best off looking after his plants for all his life. Upon his death, he tasked Krory with taking care of the flowers, binding him to the castle forever, and Krory ponders whether his becoming a vampire is his grandfather's punishment for his curiosity to see the outside world, and bemoans that he is now reduced to nothing more than one of his collections, with no prove of his existence upon the world.

Krory was then alerted by Eliade of the flower's destruction, and went to attack Allen and Lavi after reluctantly drinking her blood to gain power. The two boys were overwhelmed by Krory's inhuman speed and strength and Allen was blown away into the castle, leaving Lavi to fight him alone and persuade him to become their ally.

Allen's eye evolves

Allen's left eye came back

Allen gets lost in the castle's secret passageways and was attacked by Eliade. Allen refuses to retaliate, telling Eliade that he has no reason to fight her, as they had not come to exterminate Krory but to recruit him as an ally, which Eliade derisively laughs at as she rained blow upon blow onto him. Allen then felt a strange dizziness and fell unconscious. Eliade prepares to finish him with an axe, but fails when his Innocence arm automatically moves to protect him.

Allen awoke in his subconscious to a faint illusion of Mana, and told him that he had decided to keep walking on the path of an Exorcist, alongside his friends, even without his left eye. Mana then faded away, telling Allen to "delve deeper into the world of black and white". Allen regains consciousness and realized that his left eye is functional once more. He discovers Eliade is an Akuma, re-igniting his will to fight. Eliade, who despises her grotesque Akuma form, reluctantly transforms and attacks Allen with full strength. The brawl sent both of them falling down to the main hall just as Lavi sent Krory smashing in as well.

Lavi reunites with Allen, and both him and Krory are shocked at the eerie sight of a human soul protruding from Eliade's body. Allen then learns that his curse has evolved and his eye is now able to project the vision to nearby people as well. Lavi reveals to Krory that Eliade is an Akuma, causing Eliade to transform and attack Krory, as she could not allow him to become an exorcist. Allen and Lavi made to help Krory out, but Krory's carnivorous flowers erupted from the ground and attacked them, separating them from the pair. As Lavi is about to be eaten, Allen recalls that the flowers are the same kind as Rozanne, a potted plant that Cross had him take care of with his life back when he was training. He tells Lavi the flowers will spare those who bear good intentions towards them, and the two proceeded to shower the flowers with confessions of love.

When questioned by Krory as to why she had not killed him long ago, Eliade reveals that she is simply using him to achieve something she had wanted to do. After berating Krory a coward for using his grandfather's will as an excuse to stay safe from the outside world, Eliade bombarded Krory with a hail of moisture-absorbing bubbles, leaving Krory's dried-up corpse to fall to the ground. Thinking she had killed him, Eliade converts back to human form and sadly watches his wretched remains. Krory's seemingly lifeless form then sprang up and bit her, sucking her blood to rejuvenate his body. In her last moments, Eliade confessed that she had simply wanted to experience love with Krory, as he is the only man she could not kill (as he bears Innocence), before dissipating into dust.

Having pacified the flowers, Allen and Lavi then approached Krory, who laments that he no longer has anything to live for now that Eliade is gone, and that he is a monster who killed someone he loves with his own hands. His words resounded with Allen, who had suffered a similar ordeal, and he reminded Krory that he must live on and keep destroying Akuma, so he will have a reason for destroying Eliade, stating that people can continue living for their 'reason'. In a reflection of his master, Allen also concludes that Krory, like him, is marked out to live as an apostle of God. Once Krory had calmed down, Allen and Lavi questioned him about Cross, and learned that Cross had visited Krory upon hearing news of his grandfather's death to return Rozanne, which he has been looking after for. After Cross borrowed a large sum of money and left for the far East, Rozanne bit Krory and then withers as Krory's teeth fell out, to be replaced with fangs. From that point on, Krory hungers for Akuma blood and starts attacking the villagers. Krory concludes that the plant must have been the 'Innocence' Allen and Lavi explained to him about. Spurred by Allen's words, Krory decides to become an exorcist and continue destroying Akuma, so Eliade's death would not be in vain. Before his departure, Krory set fire to the castle that had kept him caged for so long, signaling the end of his old life as his grandfather's collection and the beginning of his new life as an exorcist.

Order in Crisis Arc[]

Main article: Order in Crisis Arc

First Encounter With Tyki Mikk[]

Komui directs Allen and Lavi to simply take Krory along with their group instead of bringing him back to the Order, and the three boarded the train to meet up with Lenalee and Bookman. Allen also tested out the new abilities of his cursed eye; it can now detect any Akuma within a 300 meter radius, even from behind walls, and once concentrated, the eye can reveal the souls of Akuma to other people, and Allen realizes with dismay that his eye is starting to evolve just like an Akuma would.

Krory is deeply depressed about the villagers driving him away, refusing to believe Allen and Lavi's explanation, and went for a tour of the train under Lavi's advice. Allen and Lavi then went looking for him after he was gone for three hours straight, and found Krory wearing nothing but his underpants, having lost everything he had playing poker against three strangers, who had a boy named Eeez accompanying them. Realizing the men had scammed Krory, who knows nothing of the outside world from being isolated for so long, Allen challenges them in order to get Krory's stuff back. The normally unlucky Allen not only manages to get Krory's stuff back but strips the three men down to their underpants as well. Allen reveals to a bewildered Lavi that he was cheating. In what would be the first glimpse of his alter ego, "Black Allen", he proudly explains with an eerie laugh that in order to pay Cross's unpayable debts, he perfected the art of cheating "with (his) life on the line" and has never lost at cards since.

When the three men dismounted the train, Allen kindly returns the their clothes and belongings to them. To thank Allen, Eeez made to give the silver button he wears from his neck on a thong to Allen. The group's leader, a scruffy man in thick glasses, swiftly interrupts Eeez and gives Allen his deck of cards instead. After the train departed and the four prepares to leave for their next job, the bespectacled man receives a phone call and excuses himself, saying he has the usual "secret part-time job". As the remaining men leaves the station, the silver button that Eeez hangs from his neck flips over as he walks, revealing the name Kevin Yeegar embossed on the back, implying that the bespectacled man is behind his murder.

The bespectacled man then meets up with the Millennium Earl and transforms back into a Noah, Lord Tyki Mikk, then followed him back to their residence.

Missions Arc (Anime Only)[]

Order in Crisis Arc[]

Not long after the Cross Unit departed Romania with Krory in tow, the Order received an unprecedented attack from the Earl. Waves of Akuma succeeded in obliterating over a hundred Finders in Barcelona, while members of the Noah family appeared at various locations around the world, picking out and murdering six exorcists from the teams searching for Generals Tiedoll, Cloud and Sokalo. One exorcist, Suman Dark from Sokalo Unit, also goes missing. The Cross Unit only learned of the massacre when Lenalee talked to Komui on the phone, and, though thoroughly shaken, they continue their journey to find General Cross.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Lulu Bell's Attack Arc (Anime Only)[]

The Earl orders Lulu Bell to eliminate the exorcists Allen, Lavi, Lenalee and Krory who are searching for Cross Marian —she ultimately has to stop them from reuniting with Cross. She starts by disguising herself as Lenalee to lure in Krory and kill him but the other exorcists notice he is missing and go after him. When they meet up with him they find out that there are two Lenalees. As a result, the exorcists are separated, Allen and Krory, Lavi and Lenalee. When Allen and Krory get separated, Lulu Bell's attacks mostly focus on them. Some time later, the exorcists eventually reunite.

Concludes non-canon section.

Suman Dark's Fallen Arc[]

Main article: Suman Dark's Fallen Arc Now that Allen's evolved cursed eye has completely healed, it has become a lot easier for him to spot Akuma, which makes it easier to fight them as well. Bookman and the rest of the crew, however, began to worry about Allen as he's been fighting twice as much as all of them combined ever since he got his new eye. Lenalee also noticed that his left arm is also "flaking" and jittery with fatigue.

After arriving in China and asking around about Cross, the exorcists are led to a brothel where they meet Cross's recent lover, Anita, who is actually a Supporter of the Black Order. The team are informed by Anita that Cross left for Japan eight days ago. But the ship that Cross was on was found in pieces in the middle of the ocean, indicating that he might have been killed. Allen, who knows Cross best, proclaims that Cross could not possibly die so easily. Seeing his determination, Anita regains hope of Cross's survival and directs her men to prepare a ship for the exorcists to set sail towards Japan.

While sailing, Allen soon discovers a huge wave of Akuma coming towards the ship. The exorcists ready themselves for battle, but they are surprised to see the Akuma simply fly over them without a fight. Upon noticing Allen, however, an Akuma carried him away by his left arm, prompting Lenalee to chase after him. The two then encounter the Akuma wave's true target; a gigantic white floating torso which expels enormous waves of light energy to destroy everything in its path, with a human half-embedded in its chest cavity.

A traumatized Lenalee recognized the monstrous form as a Fallen One, and the human victim as Suman Dark, a parasitic-type exorcist who had gone missing in action. She explains to Allen that she had once witnessed now-forbidden experiments in the Order, when the Order attempted to syncronize Innocence with blood relatives of deceased exorcists, believing this would increase the chance of synchronization. However, the synchronization would fail, and the Innocence will take over the human's body, forcing him to expel enormous power to drain his life energy and kill him, so it can re-synchronize with a new human. Since Suman is an exorcist fully compatible with his Innocence, Lenalee could not understand how he could Fall.

Resolving to save Suman, Allen and Lenalee flew up to the Fallen One and attempted to speak to an unresponsive Suman. A little girl then emerges from the Fallen's chest cavity and Allen pulls her out, only to be sucked in himself. As the Akumas continue to bombard Suman with bullets, Lenalee had no choice but to reluctantly leave Allen and take the girl, who is not breathing, to a hospital.

Over to Allen, Suman's memories begin to flow into Allen's mind, revealing to him that Suman's Sokalo Unit is attacked by the Noah Tyki Mikk. Seeing his friends overpowered and killed off one by one, Suman was overcome by terror and betrayed the Black Order to stay alive in hopes of returning to see his family. He made a deal with Tyki Mikk and called the Headquarters for locations of all the exorcists searching for the Generals, leading to the massacre in Barcelona and the murder of the exorcists.

Allen learns that after his daughter Jamie fell ill to an incurable disease, Suman reluctantly became an Exorcist to afford for her care. As per Order policy, this means severing all contact with his family and leaving behind the very daughter he tried to save.

However, by giving up fighting and making a deal with the enemy, Suman betrayed his own Innocence's will, causing his syncronization rate to fall below zero and resulting in him becoming a Fallen One. Desperate, Allen tries to convince Suman to separate himself from his Innocence before he burns his life up destroying another village in his path. To Allen's dismay, Suman doesn't listen and spits him out. In a last-ditch attempt to stop Suman, Allen activates his Innocence to its maximum invocation, which is far beyond his synchronization rate of 83%. With this, he manages to stop Suman's assault. However, his Innocence soon rebounded, leaving Allen screaming in agony as Suman again resumes his course toward the village.

A despairing Allen was spurred back into action by Timcanpy, and he activates his failing Innocence once again to stop Suman. Allen reminds Suman of his daughter and his desire to live and return home, which is strong enough to lead him to betray hundreds of his comrades, finally making Suman realise he wants to be saved. The two then work together to severe Suman's body from the Innocence in his arm and succeeded, both falling into a thick bamboo forest.

Allen's euphoria is short-lived, however, when he discovers that despite Suman's body being alive, his mind is dead; the Innocence having taken his mind as its last revenge after failing to kill him. Clutching Suman's spiteful Innocence in his hand, a tearful Allen moves to take Suman back home, still hoping to save Suman as his body is still alive. At that moment, Tyki Mikk reveals himself. Suman's body then explodes into a gruesome mass of blood and gore as Tyki calls out his carnivorous butterfly golems, Tease, from inside him. After agreeing to let him live, Tyki had planted a Tease within Suman's body so it could multiply as it feed on Suman's insides.

Tyki attacks Allen

Tyki "killing" Allen.

His Innocence broken and his body greatly weakened from forced invocation, Allen is powerless to defend himself from Tyki. Tyki reveals that he is on a mission from the Earl to search and eliminate people who has ties with a "certain person" (later revealed to be General Cross), one of his targets being Allen himself. After confirming Allen's identity, Tyki severed Allen's left arm and shattered his Innocence into dust to see if it would destroy Suman's Innocence as well, which would mean it is the Heart. Fortunately, Suman's Innocence remain intact. As his last attempt at resistance, Allen orders Timcanpy to flee with Suman's Innocence to Lenalee and Lavi before Tyki could destroy it, too. After ordering the Akuma wave to chase Timcanpy, Tyki inserts a Tease into Allen's body, telling it to eat a hole in his heart just enough for him to die from internal bleeding, as he believed "brave, noble" people like Allen should die a slow, agonizing death. After scattering the deck of cards he gifted Allen over his dying form, he left Allen for dead.

Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

Main article: Edo and Asian Branch Arc Inside his inner consciousness, Allen finds himself in a mysterious place surrounded by an endless field of ruins. From a distance, he can hear the cries of Lenalee. Hearing her call, he is determined to reach her. However, he is stopped by a mysterious shadow and awakens to find himself on an unfamiliar bed. Allen then hears someone's voice explaining that he survived Tyki's attack because his Innocence closed the wound in his heart. Though despite having survived such a dire predicament, Allen is in no mood to celebrate. All he can think about is Suman who he failed to save. Lost in his thoughts, Allen begins to wander aimlessly on his own towards wherever his body leads him.

Upon reaching the exiting gate, Allen is confronted by Bak who reveals himself as the leader of the Black Order's Asian Branch. Bak then tells him that without his Innocence, Allen would no longer have to live the life of an exorcist and no one would blame him if he choose to do so. Allen, however, refuses to give up his life as an exorcist because of his vows to his friends and to Mana. Seeing Allen's resolve, Bak reveals to him that his Innocence wasn't destroyed but reduced into particles and with training, Allen may be able to restore it.

Allen is Prepared

Allen prepared to fight Thread.

Upon revealing that Allen's Innocence can be restored, Bak is attacked by For, Allen's savior and the Guardian Deity of Asian Branch. During this time, Allen is also introduced to others who work in the Asian branch, such as Assistant Branch Leader Sammo Han Won, Rikei, Shifu, and Lō Fwa. Afterwards, Bak leads Allen to the room his Innocence is stored in. But having been reduced into particles by Tyki, Allen's Innocence is in no shape to be invoked. Thus, Allen has to resort to training with For to restore it. But before the training starts, Allen accidentally discovers that Bak is a stalker of Lenalee with numerous pictures of her up his sleeves.

With a solution in front of them, Allen and For begin to engage in real battle training in an attempt to restore Allen's Innocence. Allen, however, is still unable to reactivate it even after days of training. Realizing that he's wasting precious time, which he could be using to catch up with Team Cross, Allen becomes frustrated and tries to push himself even harder. Seeing how distressed he is, For disguises herself as Lō Fwa to talk with him, reminding him that he fights not for the sake of fighting, but for something precious to him.

After encouraging Allen, a level 3 Akuma suddenly attacks the Asia Branch. Allen tries to fight back, but without his Innocence Allen is powerless to do anything. As a last resort, Bak decides to use For as bait so that Allen and the rest of the Asian Branch can escape. Refusing to leave For to die at the hands of the Akuma, Allen tries to persuade Bak to open the door so he can assist her. Bak, however, refuses to let up since Allen can't fight without his Innocence. This is when Allen proclaims he is an anti-Akuma weapon, accepting his fate as an exorcist and his destiny that ultimately ties to the Akuma. He implores Bak to open the door so he can once again be where he belongs—on the battlefield fighting against Akuma.

Crown Clown

Crown Clown activated for the first time.

Seeing Allen's resolve, Bak has no choice but to open the door. With that, Allen quickly enters the battle in an attempt to save For. But upon seeing the Akuma and the soul trapped inside, Allen is reminded of the reason he chose to be an exorcist in the first place. He became an exorcist so that he could save the captured souls of Akuma. Having forgotten that, he now realizes why he couldn't invoke his Innocence. With the level 3 Akuma running amok, Bak tries to do what he can alongside Allen. All their efforts, however, are useless against a level 3 Akuma.

Just when For and Bak are about to be killed by the Akuma, Allen is able to invoke his Innocence to the form of "Crown Clown" by accepting who he is; his left hand is for the Akuma he promised to save and his right hand is for the friends he swore to stand together with. And with his new anti-Akuma weapon, Allen is able to defeat the Akuma, saving For and Bak's lives. Before destroying it, Allen learns from the Akuma of the situation in Edo and that Allen will be able to travel there by using Noah's Ark, the same device that let the Akuma into the Asian Branch. When Allen asks why the Akuma would tell him all this, the Akuma replies that he doesn't know; it simply felt right to tell him everything.

Noah's Ark Arc[]

Main article: Noah's Ark ArcAfter healing up a bit, Allen uses the Noah's Ark to reach Edo just in time to save Lenalee from the Earl. With his new Anti-Akuma weapon, Allen fights the Earl but it ends in a draw and the Earl retreats. However, Kanda charges toward Allen, thinking he is an Akuma summoned by Tyki, however Allen stops him from attacking at the last second. Kanda simply gets mad in response and they begin their usual routine of trading insults with each other.

Now that Allen has caught up with the others, his emotional reunion with Lenalee is interrupted as Lero teleports Lenalee away. Allen, Lavi, Krory, Chaozii, and Kanda, are teleported together with her into the Noah's Ark when they try to pull her back. As they investigate their surroundings, Tyki appears and gives them a key to Road's dimensional door so they can escape the collapsing Ark. When the group uses the key to open one of the doors in the area, they encounter Skinn Bolic and Kanda forces Allen to lead the others ahead while he stays behind to deal with Skinn.

After opening the next door, Allen finds Jasdevi in their split form. Allen, Lavi and Krory fight against Jasdevi, but the twins reveal Cross left them with a debt of 100 guineas. The twins want Allen to pay the bill, but Allen maintains what they owe is nothing compared to what he has had to pay on Cross's behalf over the years.

Angered, the twins steal the key and force Allen's team to search for it amongst a room full of duplicate keys, which are actually just an illusion. Allen gives Lavi time to find the real key as he and Krory fight off Jasdevi. Allen becomes angry as Jasdevi attacks Lenalee and Chaozii, and thanks to Krory's ability to sense Noahs, they are able to restrain the twins until Lavi finds the key. With this, the twins merge into a single body, after being called kids. Krory forces Allen to lead the others out of the Ark so he may deal with Jasdevi alone.

As Allen helps Lenalee up the stairs, the exorcists discuss what they will do after the battle is over. Allen tells the group he will eat everything that Jeryy can cook and that he will never give up hope. With this, Allen's team runs into Road and Tyki at the top of the tower and Road surprises all of them by kissing Allen on the lips. Tyki asks them to sit down for a meal but Allen refuses to eat without time to enjoy it. Tyki then tells them to look outside and they see that everything except for the tower has been destroyed. He then asks them if they are afraid. A short time later, a fight ensues between Allen and Tyki when Tyki sends the Teez to kill Lenalee.

Allen and Tyki's battle reaches a point where Allen's new arm breaks. But he reveals to Tyki that it is the Innocence that provides the power but it is the exorcist's heart that makes him deadly and with that his Crown Clown heals itself. In retaliation, Tyki repels the air to create a vacuum to kill Allen. Allen attempts to break free from the vacuum by synchronizing with his Innocence. As Tyki is about to pull out his heart, Allen decides to use his power to save humans as well as the Noah, and is able to reach critical point, which is achieved by exceeding 100% syncronization rate (which is the requirement to become a general). This results in him being able to use Crown Clown's Sword of Exorcism. Allen unsheathes his new Sword of Exorcism and with it, he is able to exorcise the Noah from Tyki.

Road is enraged when Allen exorcises the "Noah" inside of Tyki and gets revenge by using Lavi to attack him. Lavi is eventually able to overcome Road and manages to defeat her. As they escape, Allen tries to save Lero and Tyki. However, after they realize that Allen's attempt at exorcising the Noah failed, Tyki becomes a fully awakened Noah and turns into a demonic knight that easily overpowers both Allen and Lavi, until General Cross arrives to rescue them.


Allen playing the piano

Later, Cross orders Allen to control the Ark, and sends him and Timcanpy into the secret room of The 14th Noah, where Allen faces a dark apparition in the mirror who calls Timcanpy "My Timcanpy". Timcanpy projects a mysterious set of music scores, and Allen begins to play on the white piano, at the same time thinking of his wish (to give back his friends), controlling and restoring the Ark. With the Ark, they take the Akuma Egg to the Black Order Headquarters.

Invasion of the Black Order Arc[]

Main article: Invasion of the Black Order Arc Since Allen has the powers of the Musician, which allow him to control the Ark, he is able to save his friends. Moreover, this also allows him to stop the Akuma egg from being downloaded, meaning the Earl will be unable to make more Akuma.

Later, Allen wonders about how the symbols he and Mana created years ago were the song to control the Ark. He tries to confront his master about it, but he never gets the chance to. After Allen and his friends return to Headquarters, he is put under supervision by Malcolm C. Lvellie, who wants to put Allen on trial for treason. In order to ensure Allen's loyalties, Lvellie has his subordinate, Howard Link put Allen under 24-hour supervision. This causes many members of the Order to suspect Allen while close friends, including Komui, Lenalee, Lavi, Bak, Reever, and Johnny, believe that Allen would never betray them.

Allen arrives

Allen and Bookman arrive in Lab 5.

The Noah, Lulu Bell, brings her army of Akuma and Skulls to attack the headquarters' Lab 5, where the Akuma Egg is being studied. The army injures the entire science department, intending to turn the smart ones into Skulls. Allen and Bookman arrive through the Ark, and struggle against the endless army of level 3 Akuma.

By this time, Lulu Bell has already secured the Akuma Egg and opens a gate to the Millennium Earl. Allen returns just in time, jumping into the fray to rescue Miranda, who had been on the Egg, as the Generals begin their attack. The Egg is destroyed by the Exorcists' combined efforts when Lulu Bell attempts to take back the Egg again. The victory is short-lived, however, as a level 4 Akuma appears and easily pummels Allen, going on to lay waste to a portion of headquarters. When Allen sees the level 4's soul he starts to vomit, believing it to be too grotesque to look at. Allen, along with Lenalee, with her new form of Dark Boots, overpower the Akuma. Eventually, the generals join in and pour their full power into their attacks, finally defeating the Level 4.

After the battle Allen is unable to move, and before he is crushed by falling debris, Howard Link saves him and takes him to the medical ward.

Destruction of the Black Order Arc[]

Main article: Destruction of the Black Order Arc Allen and friends are helping move the science team's storage when a massive storm hits the Black Order's Head Quarters, causing a blackout. Unknown to them, someone or something has infected Krory with Komuivitan D, a mysterious substance created by Komui to combat overworking the science team. The Komuivitan was deemed dangerous, as it seems to turn the person who drinks it zombie-like, infecting others with Komuivitan D via biting. Soon enough, most of Head Quarters is infected with Komuivitan D, save for Link, Lavi, Kanda, Allen, Johnny, Lenalee, Bookman, Marie, Reever, some others of the science team, and Komui.

Eventually, however, in an effort to try and create a vaccine from the original source of the entire infection, everyone but Johnny, Allen, and Komui is infected by the oncoming horde. Johnny and Allen are infected as well, but not without finding out that Krory is the source of the infection. A ghost in the Head Quarters is to blame for giving Krory Komuivitan. Komlin EX is creating a successful vaccine from Krory's blood, but unfortunately, Komlin is destroyed when Krory gets infected by Allen and Lavi after being so overjoyed at seeing them that he doesn't realize that they are affected by Komuivitan D. Komui is infected as well, but luckily, the next day, Bak comes to visit and cures Head Quarters of the Komuivitan D infection after finding a vaccine.

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc[]

Main article: Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc They move to the new headquarters and Allen is charged with putting ark gates to facilitate the transporting. After he finishes he is thanked by Lvellie who tells him to follow him.

Cross arranges a meeting with Allen and reveals to him that he is to become the 14th Noah. Allen asks what the relationship was between Mana and the 14th. Cross replies that they were brothers. Cross apparently was looking after Mana for the 14th. He tells Allen that at the right moment he would someday lose his very soul to the 14th who would be reborn in his body and also that he was doomed to kill the "ningen" or "human(s)" he loved when that happened. Allen was probably very worried, but has since recovered a cheerful front and is trying to keep his mind on his duties.

While at the Black Order's new HQ, Cross Marian is attacked and killed. His killer is later revealed to be the unnamed Cardinal, who reveals himself to be Apocryphos, which shows a cutscene of his killer holding Judgement to Cross's head before it was fired. This cutscene was apparently Cross's killer's memories that were accidentally shown to Allen while being attacked. Cross's guards fell asleep during their watch, which is how they don't realize that an intruder has entered Cross's room until it's too late.

Witnessing Cross's bloodied body, one of the guards run off to get Inspector Lvellie. The other guards bursts into the room, only to find that Cross's body has fallen through the window, leaving his shattered mask behind on the seat. Cross is never found after this, and during the investigation of his room, Timcanpy seems to sense his master's demise and flies to his room. It is then that Allen discovers his master's tragic death.

A reunion is hold between the exorcists and Allen demands to be killed if he ever becomes the fourteenth. But he assures his friends that this won't happen.

Months later, Allen is sent on a mission with Kanda and Miranda. They go to a cemetery to retrieve an innocence kept by the ghost of chess champion Mister Martin. Helped by his sister, they all face the former champion at chess but are defeated. Allen is charged with defending the area while Link is playing. He saves Miranda from a level 3 akuma. Link wins the game and they return to the headquarters with the innocence ring. To pass they have to give a code to Father Federico.

Later, Timcanpy returns to the room where Cross has disappeared. Allen follows him and finds Lvellie sipping tea. Lvellie proposes him some cake but Allen ignores him and tells Tim that they're leaving. Lvellie asks Allen if he is the one who killed Cross. Upset, Allen replies that it may be Lvellie who did it and slams the door.

D.Gray-man Reverse:The Maiden's Rhapsody[]

Main article: The Maiden's Rhapsody

Phantom Thief G Arc[]

Main article: Phantom Thief G Arc He is sent on a mission with Kanda and Marie to investigate a strange rash of theft. They first visit the captured victims in the jail and leave to capture G. Later that night, G steals the crown and Kanda intercepts G but is revealed to be another victim. As G escapes, Allen ambushes him and reveals that it was part of their plan. However while Allen was distracted, G possesses Link. Link proves himself formidable to match Kanda. Kanda reveals that Link is a CROW of the Central Agency.

Allen stabs Link with his Sword of Exorcism and G is in shock. G begins to cry in a very unique way that Marie used to find the source. Marie has lead his team to a boy named Timothy whose Innocence can allow him to control other people's bodies. The building is suddenly dark and Allen realizes that his eye isn't reacting at all to the Akuma even though it is in front of him. The Level 4 tells him that he shouldn't underestimate the Earl and that they have finally caught up with him. Allen also attempts to summon the Ark but this too is disabled inside the barrier. He then engages in battle with a second Level 4 Akuma and three other Akuma who are attempting to take the boy.

Noah aura

Allen's Noah Aura

Although Kanda manages to injure the Level 4, Allen loses his sword when the Akuma grabs and throws it away. After running from the attacks, he calls Crown Clown back to him, making it fly straight through the Akuma and through himself, pinning them to the wall. As the Akuma comments on him skewering himself and Allen explains the effect of the Sword of Exorcism, but is suddenly wracked with pain as the Sword seems to be affecting himself as well. As the Akuma prepares to fire on him, the 14th Noah inside him surfaces. He touches the Akuma's cheek, causing it to stop, saying only "Good Morning". Sensing the 14th inside of Allen, the Level 4 starts to cry, and it is skewered by Kanda just as it was able to pronounce "Noah..." Allen, who seemed under the 14th's control, looks at Kanda with a hostile expression. Kanda then provokes Allen by calling him "Idiot Bean Sprout". Allen's conscience immediately surfaces and they slice the Level 4 to pieces.

Artificial Exorcists Arc[]

Main article: Artificial Exorcists Arc

Nea awakens

Allen after waking from his dream

Upon his return to Headquarters, Allen has a dream in which he is impaled on the Sword of Exorcism and a voice tells him he is not without sin and that it is he who is in need of salvation.[10] Mana appears in the dream and invites Allen to go with him - though he never calls Allen by name. He uses another name that Allen can't quite make out, symbolized by ***, three unknown characters.[11] Allen asks Mana to call him by his name and then wakes up. He has a hostile look in his eyes, and his hair turns wavy.[12]

This startles Lenalee, who had fallen asleep on the bed next to Allen's. Allen does not seem to be himself - and seems to be under the 14th's control - until he snaps out of it at the sound of Lenalee calling his name.[13] Before the two can start a conversation though, they are interrupted by Link who has been unable to perform his duties because of Lenalee's "immodest state". Allen tries to lock him out for a moment, while Lenalee asks him whether or not he is feeling alright.[14] Link threatens to tell Komui that Allen is alone in a locked room with Lenalee. Allen immediately relents and opens the door. Later, Lenalee is shown thinking that Allen looked like a different person when he woke up.[15]

Some time later, Allen spars with Marie at the training grounds, and the two discuss the possibility of destroying Akuma without Innocence.[16] When Marie tells them it is only possible through self-destruction and cannibalism, Allen remains sure that he saw one of the CROWs destroy and Akuma back at Hearst Orphanage.[16] Allen finds himself worrying about the souls of the Akuma, but Marie is quick to tell him to be careful, as no one in the Order will sympathize with the way he fights.[17] Although, while he appreciates Marie's warning, he knows he cannot stop caring as it would mean forgetting about Mana.[18]

Marie also points out that Allen is just like Kanda, in that they are surrounded by a deep darkness and he cannot see how to pull them out of it.[18] Allen is not impressed with being likened to Kanda, but his complaints are silenced when Marie mentions that Kanda had saved his life.[19] Allen's silence leaves a perfect opportunity for Marie to strike him, knocking Allen into Goushi.

Allen immediately apologizes and rests his left hand over Goushi's. However, Goushi reacts to the Innocence and ends up attacking Allen.[20] Having been blasted into a nearby wall, Allen's Crown Clown has activated, and he is left wondering what happened.[21] It is then he learns that Goushi, Kiredori, Tokusa, Tewaku, and Madarao have been converted into half-Akuma, making them Third Exorcists.[22][23]

Some time later Allen, Link, Lenalee, Goushi, and Tokusa head to the Asian Branch using the Ark.[24] Allen and Lenalee are happy to see Rohfa, Rikei and Shifu again, but Link is quick to remind them both they are there to find Kanda.[24] In the meantime, Goushi and Tokusa wait for them at the Ark gate.[25] Forty-six hours later, Allen is sent on a mission in Jordan.[26]

Allen vs Tyki

Allen arrives to save his comrades and attacks Tyki and the Earl

Allen and a few Third Exorcists begin fighting an army of Akuma. This allows Allen the opportunity to see what happens to an Akuma's soul when Third Exorcists absorb them. When he realizes that the souls simply disappear, his cursed eye begins to bleed.[27] However, it is not long before Tyki appears, and slices off Tokusa's lower arms with ease, but the two - along with Madarao - manage to retreat to a cave.[28] It is then that Allen learns what happens to Third Exorcists who can no longer fight.[29] Unhappy with the thought of Tokusa being absorbed by Madarao, Allen attempts to stop it from happening, but the three are interrupted by Sheril, who appears through a portal and grabs Tokusa, taking him away.[30] Tyki and Maushima also appear.[31]

Allen engages in battles with Tyki, and - during their fight - the two of them jump through an Ark gate to the North America Branch, where the Noah Family are keeping multiple members of the Order hostage.[32] Allen and Tyki both manage to land on the Earl, simply telling him they told him to move.[33] Allen looks around and is confronted with the site of the Noah Family, and members of the Order's science section, as well as Kanda. But the Earl grabs Allen and tells him that he will never go back to the Order, as he will soon be leaving of his own volition.[34]

It becomes apparent that the Earl knows Allen is the 14th, as he heard him tell him "good morning" through the level 4 Akuma Allen had fought in Paris. However, Allen denies ever trying to contact the Earl.[35] The 14th temporarily surfaces and takes over Allen's body, telling the Earl he will kill him and take his place as the Millennium Earl.[36] During this, Allen is in a great amount of pain, as if he were about to transform into the Noah.[37]

The 14th took over Allen's body

The 14th took over Allen's body

After managing to recover, Allen reaffirms his identity as Allen Walker, and warns the Earl and the 14th not to take out their brotherly fights on other people.[38] Soon, Wisely uses his ability to draw Allen, Kanda, and Road into Alma's memories.[39] There, Allen sees a young Alma, who seems to be talking to him. When Allen attempts to respond, he realizes Alma does not appear to notice him, and sees a hand rising from a circle of water. That hand then turns out to belong to a naked boy who is pulled out of the water by Alma. Allen realizes the child is Kanda.[40]

Alma massacre

Allen watching Kanda and Alma's memories with Road

After that, Allen watches Kanda's memories and discovers he was involved in the "Second Exorcist Program". As Allen witnesses the painful memories, he is almost consumed by his emotions, until Road explains to him what he is seeing are Kanda's memories. As he continues to watch, Allen learns of the relationship between Alma and Kanda, who were both subject to painful and cruel experiments in the Asian Branch.[41]

Having endured Kanda's memories long enough, Allen loses his temper and manages to pull himself out of Kanda's memories. He punches Kanda in the forehead with his Crown Clown for allowing Wisely to "spy on his memories" for so long,[42] though Road notes that it is probably too late.[43] Bak and Johnny call out to Allen, telling him that Alma is going to turn into an Akuma.[44] Allen stares shocked at the demonic cocoon containing Alma but before he can react, Alma's awakening causes a huge explosion that blows up the entire North American Branch.[45]

Tokusa attacks Allen

Now Akuma-like monster, Tokusa attacks Allen

Allen gains consciousness some time later to find that Tokusa had used his seals to protect him from most of the blast, despite his injuries.[46] Allen begins to feel guilty that he could not save anyone, which does nothing but annoy Tokusa, who knees him on the head.[47] Though to Allen's shock, Johnny contacts him, making him realize that everyone is safe and that Tokusa had protected them.[48]

However, when Alma begins to turn into an Akuma, Tokusa begins to mutate.[49] Allen attempts to approach him, but is blown away into a wall.[50] Allen's Crown Clown activates by itself in response and forces him to use Edge End on Tokusa.[51] Allen begs for the Innocence stop, threatening to kill himself with it if the Innocence didn't obey him. Meanwhile, a fully mutated Tokusa approaches Allen.[51]

Having been attacked by Tokusa, Allen finds himself blown away to where Kanda and Alma are fighting.[52] He watches as Kanda fights Alma, and asks why Kanda is fighting so seriously.[53] Tokusa then sneaks up behind him and attacks him; he picks Allen up by the ankles, his attempts to control himself failing.[53] Allen frantically wonders how he can possibly stop Tokusa without destroying him, only for the Earl to tell him he will put a stop to things if Allen agrees to go with them.[53]

Trapped in Tokusa's clutches, Allen can only watch as he attacks all of his comrades.[54] He desperately calls out to Tokusa, who no longer recognizes him because he is consumed by Alma's hatred.[55] Allen's leg is then brutally broken, but he is then saved by Bak, who summons For.[56]

The attack causes Tokusa to drop Allen, but For catches him and surrounds him in a protective bubble.[57] When Allen looks conflicted, she asks him if he is really thinking about taking the Earl's offer. Allen explains that he understands Alma's hatred, but does not see a way to save him.[58] At that moment, For shields Allen when they are suddenly attacked by Tyki, leaving her severely injured.[59] Tyki then extends his hand towards Allen, advising him not to keep the Earl waiting.[60] As she picks herself up from the ground, For admonishes Allen, telling him that protecting and saving people is not easy, and that ultimately he should not jump to conclusions.[61]

Allen stabbed by Kanda

Allen stabbed by Kanda

In response Tyki attacks her, but Allen jumps to her rescue with his Sword of Exorcism.[62] He prepares to fight, but For tells him she will take care of Tyki.[63] Allen instead plans to deal with Alma, but his broken leg hinders him, so Professor Zuu Mei heals him with his magical golem "Atuuda".[64] Allen then stops Kanda from attacking Alma with his "Fifth Illusion."[65]

Allen shields Alma from Kanda, despite being told to move.[66] However, it does not take long for Kanda to lose his temper and attack them both.[67] As the fight continues between Alma and Kanda, Allen attempts to intervene again,[68] but Alma restrains Allen using his tail. However, Allen is left confused when Alma simply falls to the ground,[69] as it turns out his regenerative abilities are starting to wear out.[70]

At that moment, Kanda rushes towards Alma, but Allen whisks him to safety.[71] Allen asks Kanda why he is running away,[72], but this only serves to anger Kanda, who blames Allen for turning Alma into an Akuma, and for turning the Third Exorcists into monsters.[73] Allen activates his Innocence and lunges at Kanda, and the two begin to fight, before a tearful Alma shoots Allen.[74] Despite this, Allen continues his attack, but the confrontation ends with him being stabbed by Kanda.[75] To the Earl's delight, Kanda's Innocence has coaxed the 14th to the surface, and Allen begins to transition into a Noah. This seems to bring Kanda back to his senses.[76]

Allen Noah aura

14th's Noah Aura around Allen

Inside Allen's mind he is chained to an ornate chair as a man approaches him. After mistakenly thinking it was Tyki, the man introduces himself to Allen as Nea, the 14th Noah.[77] Meanwhile, Timcanpy destroys the barrier surrounding the North American Branch, which evokes an image of Mana within Allen's mind, which appears stops the 14th taking over.[73] Allen's left eye then activates and he sees the soul of a woman linked to Alma's body. She becomes distressed at the fact Allen can see her, and this causes Alma's hatred to reawaken.[78] Alma once more attempts to kill Kanda by self-destructing.[79] The explosion blows Allen back, but Kanda left on the brink of death and crumbling to pieces.[80]

Allen makes his way over to Kanda's body as Alma begins regenerating. Alma begins to crawl in search for Kanda's body, wishing to be by his side. Allen lifts him up in order to take him to where Kanda's body rests.[81] However, while he is in Allen's arms, the dark matter within his body regenerates in an attempt to consume Alma's soul.[82] Despite this, a still alive Kanda tells Allen to send both he and Alma to Mater, where the two went on their first mission together.[83] Allen agrees and sends them both through an Ark gate.[84] Allen then declares he will no longer allow the Noah Family or the Black Order to meddle with them.[85]

Tokusa and the other Third Exorcists, however, are still out of control. Lvellie chastises Allen for letting Kanda and Alma escape, and demands that he reopen the gate and destroy Alma, as it is the only way to stop the Third Exorcists' rampage.[86] Nevertheless, Allen ignores him, instead trying to find a way to stop Tokusa without destroying him.[87] This angers Lvellie, who warns Allen that if he does not follow orders, he will no longer be an Exorcist.[88]

Allen imprisioned

Allen in Black Order prison

Meanwhile, Allen continues with his attempt to save Tokusa. He tells him that he is in control of his own body, and that it is Alma's cells that are causing him to rampage.[87] Allen keeps trying to weaken Alma's cells with his Innocence while Tokusa concentrates on suppressing Alma's grudge.[89] However, just when Allen thought he was finally able to save Tokusa, Link arrives carrying an unconscious Tewaku, and he restrains Allen with his seals.[90]

Allen desperately tries to tell Link that if he acts now, there is a chance Tokusa can still be saved. However, Lvellie orders Link to keep him restrained.[91] At that moment, Tewaku begins to gain consciousness but, thanks to the visions she has been having, believes that Allen has killed her brother.[92] She transforms and tries to attack Allen, but an enlarged Timcanpy appears and saves him just in time.[93] Not long after this the Earl's Ark gate appears, whisking both Tokusa and Tewaku away. The Earl plans to use them as pawns.[94]

Allen is later imprisoned.[95]

Seed of Destruction Arc[]

Main article: Seed of Destruction Arc Knowing he is held for treason but not yet put to death so he can be questioned, Allen becomes very paranoid and refuses to eat, fearing truth serum has been slipped into his food. He is purposely unresponsive to interrogations, and is mostly unconscious.[96]

It is only when Howard Link makes him accept food sent by Jeryy (which has a slur aimed at Lvellie scrawled on top, thus proving no one has tampered with it) that Allen begins eating. Allen then apologizes to Link.[97]

Link is rather annoyed that the first words out of Allen's mouth are an apology, but reveals his shared past with the Third Exorcists.[98] Allen regrets not having become better friends with them, and wishes he had known more about the situation. He also thinks Kanda and Alma could've survived if he had had more knowledge, and realizes all he's doing is hating without knowing anything about the 14th.[99] He then begins to think about the 14th, wondering if he knew more, if something would change.[100]

Cardinal threat

The unknown Cardinal "healing" Allen

Somehow, these thoughts awaken Allen's inner Noah, and Allen begins to lose consciousness.[101] As Allen comes close to passing out, a cardinal from Central enters his cell and claims he's going to 'heal' Allen. Link, though surprised that the cardinal is there, allows him to approach Allen, only to be shocked when the fingers of the cardinal's left hand unfurl into dangerous-looking feather-blades.[102] The blades pierce into Allen's Innocence and cause him great pain.[103] Link tries to intervene, but the cardinal attacks him and erases Link's memory of the cardinal.[104] Allen attempts to stop the cardinal and pierces his head by accident with his Innocence, as his vision was blurred and he couldn't move well.[105] The cardinal is unaffected by the attack and begins moving towards Allen.[106] The cardinal continues what he was doing earlier, and Allen sees a vision of his Master, on the night that he went missing; he was confronting the cardinal.[107]

Tyki Mikk - who was sent by the Millennium Earl - intervenes and temporarily disables the cardinal by smashing the Cardinal's head into the floor.[108] Road appears in her doll form and reverts back to her Noah form upon seeing Allen. She comforts him, since he is incredibly shaken by what he saw of his Master.[109] It is then revealed that the cardinal is in fact an independent Innocence known as Apocryphos, which exists solely to guard the Heart.[110] When Apocryphos manages to approach Allen again, Allen tries to activate Crown Clown but it does not respond. Apocryphos explains that even Clown Crown wishes to be become one with him, for Allen's sake.[111] After a brief struggle between Apocryphos and Tyki, Allen attacks it claiming that the thought of merging with the person who killed Cross sickens him.[112] After that, Allen either blacks out and is taken by Tyki and Road, or willingly goes with them. Either way a message is broadcast across the Black Order that he has left with the Noah and his status as an Exorcist has been suspended.[113][114]

Allen parting

Allen parts with Lenalee.

Allen and Tyki end up having a small argument, which ends with Tyki saying Allen has "two monsters" inside of him (his Noah memories, and his Innocence) and as a result he "sows chaos and creates conflict" wherever he goes.[115] However, before Tyki leaves, he tells Allen to show the monsters inside him right from wrong.[116] Road wakes up from an apparent coma-like state and says that the inspirational phrase Mana gave to Allen in the past, "Don't stop. Keep walking," was originally said by Nea to Mana.[117] Road adds that Nea fought to protect Mana, then she disappears.[115]

Absorbing all of this, Allen decides to follow his own path without the Noah and the Order and opens an Ark gate.[118] Just before he steps through to leave, Lenalee catches up to him and begs him not to go because if he does it means they will have to fight each other.[119] Allen hugs her and assures her that he will always remain an exorcist even though their paths may be different. Before he leaves, he tells Lenalee that he loves her and everyone else at the Order, and that he will always consider the Order his home.[119] He then walks through the Ark Gate, which crumbles after him as Lenalee falls to her knees and screams after him in sorrow.[120]

Searching for A.W. Arc[]

Main article: Searching for Allen Walker Arc

Allen meets Barba and Mother, who are both overjoyed to see him, and retrieves his belongings from when he was a travelling performer. He departs. While on the run, Allen survives financially by gambling and acting as a travelling performer. Three months later, a young girl spots him lying in an alley in an unknown city; his body emits feathery-tendrils of Innocence, and it is revealed that he is still being tracked by Apocryphos (who has just arrived at the train station).

At a later date, Allen is shocked to spot Johnny at one of his street performances. Johnny is among the crowd.[121] Allen approaches the audience to collect change, despite the presence of Johnny, and Johnny realises that he has lost his money. This earns the ire of Kanda, who - in a rage - confronts Johnny, and Allen nervously returns to his performance.[122] Johnny promises to earn some more money, and Kanda stares at Allen; Allen averts his gaze to hide his face.[123]

Kanda does not realise the travelling performer is Allen, but - the more he looks at Allen - the stronger his need for violence grows, until Johnny drags away Kanda. This causes Allen to believe he is in the clear, but his eye activates when an Akuma attacks from below. Allen also feels the presence of the 14th.[124] The crowd panics, which catches the attention of Kanda; he turns back to destroy the Akuma,[125] but it explodes as Allen appears before them with his activated Innocence. Allen has also saved a little girl.[126]

Johnny is elated and tries to hug Allen,[127] but Allen pushes him away in an attempt to escape,[128][129] until Kanda pulls him down and wipes away Allen's make-up.[130] Allen is questioned by Kanda about Howard Link's death. Another Akuma appears beneath them, and - like last time - Allen feels the presence of the 14th.[131][132]

During the battle, Allen denies all knowledge of Link's death, and becomes furious when he realizes that Apocryphos was the culprit.[133] Allen tries to escape as more Akuma arrive, due to the fact that the Akuma are coming for him.[134][135] As he makes his escape, Wisely and Tyki - who are among the crowd of people - taunt Allen; they state they will use Allen 'as bait for Apocryphos'.[136][137] Finally, the 14th starts to resurface.[138]

Allen starts to lose control to Neah in his attempt to escape, before taking refuge underneath a stone bridge. He does not know that - when Johnny hugged him - Johnny implanted a tracking device in his hair.[139] Timcanpy bites at Allen's head, as it tries to eat the tracking device, and Allen's pain worsens. Allen grows paranoid.[140] He sees a vision of a young man with long hair asking whether Neah hates him,[141] at which point an Akuma emerges beneath Allen.[142]

Kanda and Johnny manage to catch up to Allen; Kanda defeats the Akuma, and Johnny tends to Allen.[143][144] Allen refuses to let them touch him, and demands to know why Kanda came back as opposed to staying with Alma. Allen realises that Alma is dead, due to the response that Kanda gives: "Those last moments with Alma belong to me and me alone". Allen cries before he collapses in pain.[145][146] Kanda notices that Allen's wound is the one caused by Mugen (at the North American Branch),[147] and Johnny sees that his Innocence is trying to heal the wound, just as it did when Tyki punctured his heart.[148]

Johnny and Kanda take the unconscious Allen to a hotel to rest.[149] Kanda heads outside for a while, but Johnny stays at Allen's side. In Allen's mind, Allen is shown Neah's memories; this leads him to talk aloud in his sleep.[150] Allen soon wakes up, and - even though he seems back to normal - it becomes apparent that Neah has taken control over Allen's body. Neah incapacitates Johnny,[151] and then asks Timcanpy to tell him about Allen.[152]

Later, Kanda enters and places his sword at Allen's throat. He demands to know if 'Allen' is the 14th, but he is unaware that Neah has given Allen back control of his body (after Neah's private talk with Timcanpy).[153][154] 'Allen' states that he is Allen, but Kanda does not believe him. Allen realizes that the 14th hurt Johnny, and when Johnny - now awake - tries to get close to him, Allen tells him to stay away and activates his Crown Clown.[155][156]

Allen is shocked by Johnny's determination to help him,[157] and Kanda and Johnny tie up Allen to restrain him. Allen is forced into "Johnny's Speedy Repair Service".[158][159] Johnny makes sure Allen cannot escape; he does this by handcuffing himself to Allen, but they are no ordinary handcuffs. They are not physically chained together, but if they are further than 20 meters apart then they will receive a high-voltage electric shock.[160]

Allen thinks that he should leave, because the 14th harmed Johnny, but feathery tendrils burst forth from his arm. This alerts him to the presence of Apocryphos, who happens to be outside.[161] Allen runs out of the shop, and tries to put distance between himself and Apocryphos, but someone calls out: "14th".Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many Allen turns to find the Earl before him.[162]

Allen wonders about the Earl's reasons for appearing, believing the Earl wanted him to lure out Apocryphos.[163] The handcuff placed onto his wrist by Johnny then reacts, which causes Allen to receive an electric shock. He then tries to bite it off. The Earl takes this opportunity to try to crush him, but Allen dodges and questions the Earl's odd behavior.[164] Allen tries to activate his Crown Clown, but gets no response. He notes the Earl has lost his senses and wonders if it has something to do with the 14th.[165]

Johnny arrives and the Earl smashes Allen into a wall. Johnny saves Allen from getting crushed, but the Earl knocks Johnny aside.[166] Allen sees flashbacks of Road cradling Mana's body; they are in front of Neah, who is angry in his expression,[167] and this flashback is followed by one of Mana in a field, where he witnesses the Earl kill their mother (and who calls him "Mana D. Campbell").[168] Allen questions the veracity of his visions, but the Earl mutters Mana's name over and over and states that Mana is the cause of everything had that has happened.[169]

Neah awakens again in Allen and takes complete control over his body.[170] He and the Earl embrace and discuss how they came into existence.[171] At that time, Allen finds himself in a wheat field, and he recognizes this as one of Neah's memories.[172] He fears that he is being absorbed by these memories.[173] Allen meets with the image of Cross, who tells him that it is Allen's final destination: 'this is the place where Allen Walker disappears'.[174]

Cross explains that Allen will disappear like a soul trapped within an Akuma.[175] Cross also says that he never wished for Allen's destruction, but tells him to cease his resistance and to accept that he is going to disappear.[176] Tears pour down Allen's face, but he remembers his friends and the path he swore to follow.[177] Cross tells him to go alone and suggests that Allen find the Campbell mansion, along with the woman Katerina.[178]

Cross vanishes. Allen realizes this was probably not an illusion.[179] Allen thinks that he will learn the truth about the 14th, and will come to understand him; with this goal in mind, all he has to do is move forward, but wonders how he can escape from Neah's inner world.[180] He suddenly hears Johnny's voice, accompanied by an image of Johnny, who declares he will become Allen's beacon.[181] Allen is shocked to hear Johnny calling out for him, especially because of the harm that Allen caused him.[182] Johnny assures Allen that the bonds between people are strong, and - no matter where they are or how far apart - they remain connected. Allen, encouraged by the memories of his friends and the Black Order, screams out for Neah to give back his body.[183]

In the real world, upon seeing Johnny, Neah loses control over Allen's body. 'Allen' falls from a rooftop, but Johnny jumps after him, and - as the two fall together - Allen regains consciousness and activates his Crown Clown. He catches Johnny and safely lands on the ground.[184] Allen affectionately tells Johnny the science division are impossible, before the two share a hug.[185] Allen is relieved to finally be in the real world.[186]

Allen remembers that he was running away from Johnny and the others earlier, and his tears of joy come to an abrupt stop.[186] They are interrupted by Tyki Mikk. Allen panics and throws Tyki to the ground.[187] While Tyki is down, Allen and Johnny briefly discuss the previous events. Johnny learns that Allen has no clue what happened while Nea was in control, and Allen learns that Johnny was unconscious.[188] Tyki Mikk gets back up, he suggests to Allen that they 'go back home' together.[189] It is not long before Tyki Mikk is on the defensive, however, as he is attacked by a creation of Froi Tiedoll.[190]

The attack causes an explosion. This sends Allen and Johnny hurtling away, but Allen - as he out of sync with his body, due to spending time in Neah's consciousness - has trouble getting back up.[191] Allen wants to call for Timcanpy, so he and Johnny can leave, but something emerges from the ground beneath them and they almost instantly find themselves trapped in a coach.[192] Johnny concludes it is General Froi Tiedoll's work and that the Black Order has found them.[193]

Johnny panics as the two are whisked away.[193] Allen tries to open the carriage curtains, but to no avail, and laments that he is being taken back to the Black Order, as he does not have time. He needs to get to the Campbell Residence, as it is his only lead.[194] The carriage comes to a stop; the curtains open, which reveals Kanda and Tiedoll.[195]

At first Allen only sees Kanda, but soon he and Johnny realize the general is also present. Allen invokes his Crown Clown.[196] He assumes he had been tricked, and that Johnny and Kanda's true aim was to capture him,[196] and plans his escape. Kanda explains that the whole area is surrounded by the Order.[197] Despite this, Allen insists he is capable of escaping alone, and he clashes swords with Kanda inside the cramped coach.[198] Before the spat can continue, Allen feels the presence of Neah within him and falls to his knees.[199]

Allen proclaims that - if they are not going to capture him - they should just leave him alone, as he clutches his head in pain.[199] He implores the two to go back to the Order, as he cannot be near "fragile" people, because he is unable to protect them.[200] He avoids Johnny and Kanda's gaze, once he realizes what he has said. Kanda loses his patience and knocks out Allen. He grabs Allen by the collar, but is stopped by Johnny.[201]

The commotion is interrupted by Tiedoll; he urges Kanda to tell the truth, before he pulls a jar out of his bag.[202] This prompts Kanda to reveal that Timcanpy was destroyed by piece of wood, because he tried to protect Allen. Kanda believes the one who did it to be a monster, and wishes to know more about the "human-shaped Innocence" that is hunting down Allen.[203] Allen's heartbeat grows louder, while Kanda finally points at the jar: it contains the remains of Timcanpy.[204]

Allen recalls the first time he met Timcanpy, along with all the moments they shared.[205] Allen's lips trembles, he kneels before Timcanpy's remains.[206] He sits in silence while the coach leaves town and travels through the countryside. He overhears the others talking about the "human-shaped Innocence", and thinks that - if he were to tell them about Apocryphos - they risk doubting their Innocence and becoming fallen ones.[207]

He thinks back to when he left the Order, and how he should have left Timcanpy behind,[208] as the memory of Timcanpy reminds him of what Mana told him in the past (when Allen questioned why he did not cry over the loss of his dog). Mana explained it was because his tears had all dried up, and that - if he were to grieve - the Earl would come and get him.[209] Allen raises his head and opens an Ark gate below him. He turns to Kanda and apologizes, saying he will take care of the human-shaped innocence alone. Kanda rushes at him and they both vanish into the Ark.[210]

They soon appear Edinstown, and Allen is shocked to see that Kanda is with him. Allen tries to speak, but the handcuff on his wrist sends a shock through his body, which leaves him in a daze.[211] Kanda is unamused and grabs Allen by the collar, before he asks Allen about their new location.[212] Allen does not know, as he did not have a single thought in his head when summoning the gate; all he wanted to do was get away from the others.[212]

Kanda unsheathes Mugen and threatens to kill Allen should he run away again.[213] Allen insists that Kanda is not helping him, as he feels he is being cornered, and - with that - Kanda slices Allen's tie. He moves so fast that Allen did not see Kanda draw his blade.[213] Kanda then explains what Johnny sacrificed to help Allen.[214] Allen tells him to shut up, but Kanda attacks again.[214] Allen expertly dodges the attack with a back-flip,[215] but Kanda attacks once more, but Allen blocks the blade with his left arm.[216]

As Kanda continues to press his blade into Allen's hand, Allen insists that he is unable to tell anyone about his situation. The human-shaped innocence Apocryphos has killed Cross, Timcampy and Link.[217] It is a monster, and if those in the Order were to learn about it they would lose their faith in Innocence, and the Order would crumble.[218] Kanda withdraws his blade; Allen says that he is the target of Apocryphos, as it wants to merge with Allen's body and destroy Neah.[219]

Allen admits he thought it might have been best to let it happen, but could not because Apocryphos has already destroyed everything that is dear to him.[220] He also admits that having someone by his side is like having a light in the darkness, and he does not want to let go of that,[221] before he falls down on the ground and finally allows himself to cry over the death of Timcanpy.[222]

Allen sneezes and realizes that they are in a cold place. Kanda demands that he takes them back to Tiedoll and Johnny, but Allen informs him that he cannot due to not knowing the coach's location (since he was trapped inside the carriage at the time).[223] Allen looks at his surroundings and notices a symbol on a tree. He dashes over to the tree, and recognizes the symbol as one of "Mana's letters",[224] which causes Allen to drop to his knees. He brushes his hands across the Earth, until he comes across a small mound. He informs Kanda that they are in Edinstown (UK), which is the place where he met Mana and "Allen".[225]

Some time later, the two leave their location and Kanda sends his golem to find Tiedoll's golem, so that it can lead Tiedoll and Johnny to Allen and Kanda's current location.[226] Allen's stomach grumbles, prompting Allen to say that they will have to earn money for food during their wait. Kanda grins, as he notes that Allen will no longer run away. Allen admits he will stay, but adds that - since he told Kanda about Apocryphos - he may as well stick with him.[227] Kanda then asks about Allen's past, much to Allen's surprise, but Allen does not take the request seriously.

Kanda asks again, and Allen mentions how he had looked into Kanda's past in the North American Branch.[228] After Allen apologizes for peeking into the memories of Kanda (which Kanda preferred to keep secret), multiple Akuma appear around them. Allen goes to them, with his Innocence activated, and says he will tell Kanda everything once they are done with the fight.[229]

Afterwards, Allen tells Kanda the story of his childhood at the Garvey Circus and how he met Mana.[230]


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