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Alma Karma (アルマ・カルマ, Aruma Karuma) is a former Exorcist of the Black Order, a Second Exorcist, and the "First Womb" of the Third Exorcist Program. Because of the shard of Dark Matter from the Akuma Egg that was placed into his body, he later became an Akuma before he fought and died from injuries sustained at the hands of his best friend and lover, Yu Kanda. Because of the actions of the Noah Family, he was made into the main antagonist of the Artificial Exorcists Arc.


Alma Karma is a young man of east Asian descent. As a Second Exorcist and child, his hair was dark, short, and unruly, with two longer strands framing his face. He also had thick eyebrows and a thin, scar-like mark across the bridge of his nose.[1] After he was heavily injured by Kanda when they were both children, his body was recovered by the Order, who placed seals on him to keep him unconscious but alive. This process, along with Kanda's assault, resulted in his body, which aged as time passed, becoming heavily scarred and marred with tattoos on his wrists, ankles, and stomach. In this state, the left side of his head was covered in overlapping scars, while on the right side his hair, which had lightened, became excessively long.[2]

After becoming an Akuma, several of the tattoos on Alma's body integrated more into his Akuma form, their coloring changing and becoming incorporated with several new markings. His limbs also somewhat lost their human attributes, the skin ridging in some areas and his knees becoming more joint-like.[3] As his transformation into his Akuma form became more complete, his hair snapped off to its original length, the scars on his face healed, and he gained tear-like markings underneath his eyes.[4]

In his previous life, before he had been turned into a Second Exorcist, Alma had been a young woman with long hair worn up in a ponytail with a band of cloth wrapped around the base near her scalp, and an Alice band, with two strands left to frame her face.[5] As an Exorcist, her uniform was a long dress and a waist-length jacket with a high collar, and she is vaguely seen wielding a staff-like weapon.[6]



Young Alma has an overly happy personality.

Initially, Alma is seen as a happy and bubbly, albeit very lonely, young man. Having woken before his fellow Second Exorcist Yu Kanda, he would often spend his free time in the Second Exorcist birthing chamber, talking to the 'sleeping' Second Exorcists and telling them about his daily life to try to coax them into waking. Hoping they would all wake and become his friends, he memorized the names assigned to all of the 'sleeping' Second Exorcists and called them all by name while talking to them.[7] Alma was the first to meet Kanda after he had awoken, admitting he was a bit shy while telling Kanda his (Kanda's) name and introducing himself.[8]

Not expecting Kanda to be so antisocial, Alma was easily hurt and enraged when Kanda called him names and shunned him, leading to them both getting into frequent fights.[9] Despite Kanda's attitude, Alma would continue trying to make friends with him.[10] It was only after they fought in the Second Exorcist birthing chamber and became unable to move from blood loss, both of them already weak from their daily synchronization tests, that Alma really began to bond with Kanda.[11]

Soul Alma

Alma's female soul.

When Alma learned that Kanda was to be euthanized, Alma became extremely protective of him, willingly helping Kanda escape while staying behind to face punishment from the CROW.[12] Once he had started remembering his previous life, though, Alma became extremely violent and depressed, synchronizing with his Innocence, slaughtering the entire staff of Laboratory 6,[13] and trying to kill Kanda. He also killed the rest of the 'sleeping' Second Exorcists, not wanting them to be born into the world that waited for them. Hating the Black Order and wanting them to repent for what they had done to him and the other Second Exorcists, Alma wanted to die alongside Kanda.[14]

Upon being revived, he became determined to kill Kanda and himself, later on, believing that it was the only way for the Order to feel guilty of what they did. The other reason was to prevent Kanda from learning "that person" shares the very same soul with Alma, due to the woman's wish for Kanda to never find out because once he finds out that he already fulfilled his promise to her, he'll stop looking her, thus, no longer belongs to her.[15] When Kanda learned the truth, Kanda's desire and will to kill his friend vanishes and accepts him as a friend, calling him a fool, Alma simply cried.[16]

Personal Statistics[]

Sophistication 4
Humanity 4
Combat Ability 5
Mental 3
Flexibility 5
Extra Statistics
Hatred 5


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