D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Alma Karma VS Akumas (in former life)
  • Alma Karma VS Yu Kanda (multiple times)
  • Alma Karma Vs CROWs
  • Alma Karma VS Yu Kanda
  • Alma Karma VS Yu Kanda VS Allen Walker


  • (To Kanda) " I had a dream. I finally understood why you betrayed me Yu. I hated you for surviving me. It's because you survived that those damn humans didn't repent. It's because of you that I became an akuma!"


  • Alma's name is a direct reference to his fate; "Alma" is Spanish for "soul", and is also notably a female name. Karma has many different definitions depending on the religion, but the reoccurring philosophy is that what goes around comes around, or you reap what you sow. In essence, his name refers to his rebirth, and the consequences that came with it.
  • Curiously, the Japanese pronunciation of 'Alma' sounds like 'Arma' which is the Italian word for weapon.
  • Alma's favourite food is mayonnaise.[1][2]
  • He likes investigating, chatting and the others in the embryo room.[3]
  • He dislikes loneliness.[3]
  • When Kanda has visions of Alma's previous incarnation, a vision of a lotus frequently pops up, as his previous incarnation loved lotuses, comparing them to exorcists as they popped up from the mud towards the blue sky and make the world smell good.
  • Katsura Hoshino: I wanted to make Alma look completely differently from the standard AKUMA. That’s why I designed him in an imaginative way while preserving a sense of AKUMA-ness. Alma’s hair is pointy and he had a cute image, so I thought it would be interesting to give him a tail. I also simply wanted to draw a fighting scene in which Alma uses his tail to fight (laughs). I gave him a tail while thinking of it as an accessory.
  • Katsura Hoshino: I created Alma with the premise “Alma = that person” in my mind. That’s why I wanted to make him look as non-feminine as possible. Thus I gave him thick eyebrows and a scar on his face. I also gave him short hair because Kanda’s hair is long …a very simple way of thinking (laughs). I created him by combining all the things that I liked the most. I think his look turned out well, like the way his eyes curve upward. It was easy to create him, because I first imagined his aged version in my mind and then proceeded to create his past appearance.
  • If Alma used modern stationery supplies, he would use a student diary to write all the anecdotes of his everyday life. [4]
  • In Akuma form, Alma's soul is the only known Akuma soul not to be disfigured by Akumaisation.


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