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Angela was a young girl living in Dankern, Germany. She became a Level 2 Akuma when her sister Sophia called her back making her the so-called witch of Dankern. She appeared in Reverse The Village Where the Witch Dwells and later in episodes 33 and 34 of the anime.


Angela was a pretty young girl with long blond hair (brown in the anime) and blue eyes (grey in the anime). She was identical to her twin sister but had an illness.

Her Akuma form was gray and yellow with something similar to her hair.



Angela grew up with her sister and her father in the Dankern village. One day, she became ill and so her sister Sophia went to get a job to pay for her medicine. However, once Sophia left, Angela was cast into the role of the village witch, and forced to live alone in the witch's cabin. 10 days later she fell into a coma and died. Sophia came back the next day and was devastated to find her sister dead. The Earl of Millennium]], sensing her sadness, came and made the two into an Akuma. She then killed half of the villagers and caused the other half to become Akuma, evolving to Level 2.


Sophia was first introduced in episode 33 where Kanda and finder Gozu went to the "Forest of No Return". She was standing by the witch's cabin in front of a pond filled with lotus flowers. She took them back to her house and made them dinner. Gozu asked her about the witch, which caused her father to drop his dinner and leave the room. Sophia told them that he was superstitious, but she didn't believe in witches. That night, after Kanda and Gozu had a run-in with an Akuma in the woods, they found her in the town square. It was then that she revealed her past and true form. She used her ability to make Kanda see what he most desired, but he wasn't fooled and killed her.

Power and Abilities[]

  • She had the ability to show you what your heart most desires.
  • She could command the Akuma she created; just to make them suffer.


  • Even as an Akuma, she cherished the shawl she made for Sophia.