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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Transformation: He is able to switch between his true form and the appearance of a cardinal at will. He also has angelic wings he can make appear or disappear. Innocences seem to be able to slightly feel his presence through his disguise, though it is unknown if it is only for parasitic-types like Tsukikami.

Control Over Innocence: Apocryphos has the power to use, absorb and track Innocence, and can even desynchronize an Innocence from its Accommodator, as he did with Cross Marian.[1] In return, Parasitic innocence users are able to "read" glimpses of his past when in contact to him.

Memory Manipulation: Apocryphos can manipulate the memories of humans, chiefly using this ability to erase the memories of those who see his true nature.[2]This method revolves around him grabbing his victims heads and giving them an order that they must follow. He can also erase regular human's memory by the mere sight of his wings. The only way to resist his memory manipulation is by special cases, as Kanda's tattoo was able to erase his manipulation on Kanda.[3]

Enhanced Speed: Apocryphos was able to outmaneuver and overpower CROW-trained Howard Link, being able to appear behind him before he could react,[4] and even Noah Tyki Mikk.[5] Even against a skilled swordsman such as Kanda, Apocryphos was able to easily outmaneuver all his slashes despite being unarmed.

Enhanced Strength: Apocryphos has displayed great strength, being able to overpower Tyki in his brief fight with him and crash him into a wall while piercing his arms with Innocence and even deal Road a fatal blow that left her disappearing later on. His strength is enough to even pierce through a grown human, as seen when he pierced Howard Link's chest with ease.[6]

Immortality: For the most part, Apocryphos has shown to be immune to any and all forms of Innocence. This was proven when Allen pierced through his head and felt no pain at all and continued to walk towards him without feeling any pain. This is also similar to Dark Matter, as Tyki's assault with his Tease did deal some damage, but Apocryphos was able to heal his wounds in a few moments. Even after having his neck snapped by Kanda, he recovered in seconds despite the wound being enough to kill a normal man.[7] Apocryphos has been on earth for at least 7000 years and he doesn't display any signs of aging.


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