D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Fights[]

  • Apocryphos VS Tyki Mikk
  • Apocryphos VS Allen Walker
  • Apocryphos VS Road Kamelot
  • Apocryphos VS Howard Link and Timcanpy
  • Apocryphos VS Yu Kanda
  • Apocryphos VS Jasdero, Devit, Cheryl Kamelot and Maushyma



  • The literal translation of Apocryphos' kanji name is "the hidden one."
  • Apocryphos is the greek word for "obscure", it gave the word Apocrypha which designs the non-canonical works of the Bible.
  • Along with the Earl of Millennium, Apocryphos is one of the two oldest known characters, having been alive for 7,000 years, with Joyd (the inner Noah within Tyki Mikk) stating to have been searching for it for just as long. 
  • Apocryphos is a vegetarian. [1]
  • Apocryphos enjoys collecting pocket watches and amusing words. He dislikes food and Timcanpy and likes the voice of the Heart's accommodator.[2]


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