D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Arystar Krory I (アレイスター・クロウリー一世, Areisutā Kurōrī Issei) is the late father of Arystar Krory II and Grandfather of Arystar Krory III


Arystar Krory I looks like his grandson with a white mustache and eyebrows. He had the distinctive white fringe and spiral sideburns of the Krorys. In the paintings, his tongue is sticking out.


Arystar Krory III describes him as a peculiar man.


All the artifacts in his castle are things that he collected when he traveled. He was fond of collecting rare carnivorous plants. He used to be friends with Cross Marian. When Cross learned he passed away he came to his castle to return the Roseanne he had borrowed. The carnivorous flower bit Arystar Krory III and gave him his Innocence.


The Vampire from the Old Castle Arc[]

Krory III realizes that he has been part of the collection of his grandfather, always trapped in this castle. He decides to burn his family's castle.