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Asian Branch (アジア支部, Ajia shibu), located in China, is one of the seven branches of the Black Order, overseen by Branch Chief Bak Chang and Chief Assistant Sammo Han Won.


Asian Branch follows the traditional organization that all branches of the Black Order follow, with a Branch Chief and Chief Assistant overseeing general operation and seven subdivisions functioning concurrently.

Special Duties[]

No specific special duties are currently assigned to Asian Branch, though in the past it was home to the Second Exorcist Program.


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The security door, For's domain.

Unlike the other seen branches of the Black Order, Asian Branch is located in an underground cavern, converted for human use when the Black Order was first founded. The entrance is apparently located in the side of a cliff, surrounded by waterfalls and with a lake in front of it. It is sealed off by a massive door that acts as the resting place of the guardian deity, For, when she is not in her physical form.

For has noted that it is larger than the European Branch (at that time located in the first Headquarters) and was still growing.[1]

Second Facility

Cold chamber of Laboratory 6

Somewhere within the facility is an area called Laboratory 6, which was the main facility of the Second Exorcist Program until the project was shut down after the murderous rampage of Alma Karma and the slaughter of the staff who worked there.



Asian Branch Hierarchy
Branch Chief
Bak Chang
Assistant Branch Chief
Sammo Han Won
Science Section
Rohfa Rikei Shifu
Security Section


Former Asian Branch Hierarchy
Branch Chief
Chang Ancestor Tui Chang Tui's Parent
Assistant Branch Chief
Edgar Chang Martin
Logistics Section
Zuu Mei Chang
Science Section
Sahlins Epstain Renny Epstain
Other Members
Komui Lee Gigi Lujun  ????


  • Members of the Chang Clan have been overseeing this branch as Branch Chiefs and major scientists for several generations.
  • It is hinted by For that, due to the facility's large size, Bak Chang has had problems in the past with getting lost.[2]


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