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Bak Chang (バク・チャン, Baku Chan; Viz "Bak Chan") is a member of the Black Order and Branch Head of the Asian Branch. He is the son of Tui Chang and Edgar Chang Martin, the respective former Branch Head and Assistant Branch Head of Asian Branch and the overseers of the Second Exorcist Program.


Bak Chang is a slender eurasian[1] man with short, messy blonde hair. (In the past he had long hair tied back in a ponytail.) His facial features are that of a Chinese man but he has almost transparent grey eyes. [2]

As Head of the Asian Branch, he wears a white coat which in his case is customized into a tight-fitting bolero jacket with the Rose Cross on the left side. He usually wears Italian style boots and a beret with a tassel and spirit stone on the top.

He has tattoos on both his arms, which are actually sorcery contract marks that all sorcerers in the Chang Clan wear to signify their oath to the sealed god.[3] He is also very short for his age, being the same height as Allen even though he is twice his age.[4]

It is noted that he looks younger than he is. [5]


Like Komui Lee, Bak is a man aware of his duties and the dark legacies surrounding the Order. He is a responsible leader and it is said that his intellect is a triumph of the Asian Branch.

Due to his noble-like upbringing, Bak refers to himself as "Ore-sama" (which can be translated as "my honorable self", "divine me", or "the great me") when he is angry (more specifically, angry at For), but otherwise he usually calls himself "boku" (a less formal way for noble males to refer to themselves). 

Bak has a tendency to cry without realising, and when under emotional stress he breaks out into hives; whenever this happens, it is treated as a life threatening condition by Sammo Han Won.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[6] Current[7]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 3 4
Work Ability 4 4
Mental 3 3
Flexibility 3 4
Extra Statistics
Delicacy 5 5


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