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Abilities and Powers


Spirit Stone: Like all members of the magically inclined branches of the Chang Family, Bak is equipped with a marble-like stone known as the Spirit Stone, which acts as a power catalyst for his magic. He uses it to summon For by dripping some of his blood onto it and chanting the incantation "Guardian deity within the spirit stone, by my blood I command you. God Seal Summon."[1] The power of the Spirit Stone is not infinite, however, as the stone eventually shattered when he used it to restrain an enraged Tokusa.[2] When Bak was younger, he kept it on a ribbon he tied his hair back with,[3] and when he got older and started wearing his hair short, he kept it on his beret.[4]

Abilities and Skills[]

Sorcery: Being a member of the Chang Family, a family whose German-born ancestor was a powerful magic user and one of the founding members of the Black Order, Bak has, like all members of the main branch of the Chang Family, been taught how to use the Chang Family magic. Most often, Bak is seen using this power to summon the Asian Branch's guardian deity, For, though he can also use it to manipulate certain rooms in the Asian Branch.

Master Scientist: Bak is a skilled scientist whose intellect matches that of Komui Lee, former head of the European Branch's Science Division and current Chief Officer of the Black Order. Being a member of the Chang Family, though, Bak is kept in the Asian Branch, which has been headed by members of his family for at least two generations.


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