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Barba (バーバ, Bāba) is a character in D.Gray-man: Reverse. Barba is a servant to Mother. He lated appeared in the manga as well.

Appearance Edit

Barba is a tall large bald man with a cap. He has pronounced lips and nose. Barba wears a straw hat given to him by mother he keeps from falling with a string around his neck when it is not on his head and rustic clothings with straps.

Personality Edit

In contrast to Mother, he is not as harsh as Mother is when she chastises Allen for cheating. He has a very cheering personality, very demonstrative and displays enthousiasms most of the time. He is also rather childish as he wanted to make the Clown's dance with Allen.

History Edit

Barba has been with mother since childhood. She used to wash his pants when he wet himself in bed till the late age of 14. Barba was there when Cross Marian came to the church with a traumatized Allen Walker. He assisted him to deal with the child's painful crisis. He helped Cross to wash his laundry.

When Allen recovered they became good friends. Cross and Allen left and Barba was ordered to clean up the room they were in. He found Allen's clown costume and played with it.

Plot Edit

The Traveling Clergyman Edit

Barba is the first one to meet Allen Walker when he comes to visit them. He is overjoyed to see him and leads him to Mother.

Seed of Destruction Arc Edit

He is again the first one to see Allen as he comes back to retrieve his clown costume and performing stuff. He and Mother welcome him with open arms.

Trivia Edit

  • With Mother, Barba is the only character to have appeared in Reverse, later in the anime and lastly in the manga.
  • Barba's hobbies are tricks, fishing and singing. He likes caring for Mother, taking care of graves , Cross and Allen. He dislikes pickles.[1]

Reference Edit

  1. Fanbook, Gray log

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