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The bear akuma is a level 2 akuma who attacked Johnny Gill as he and Yu Kanda were looking for Allen Walker. She seemingly worked as a brothel employee.


Her human form is that of a pudgy woman wearing very light clothing: Only a darkly-colored bra a g-string and garters. She has a head costume that represents what looks to be a mix between a bear and a monkey. 

Her akuma form was not shown clearly but she has feathery light wings, a mouth full of fangs, a demon tail and two other mouths on the side of her head.


This akuma seems not to be afraid of death at all, preferring taunting Kanda to caring about her imminent death.


Searching for A.W. Arc[]

She poses as a sign holder in the red district of the city. As Johnny passes before her, she grabs him and jumps in the air. Kanda activates his innocence and throws the blade right in the akuma's head. He then jumps and grabs back his saber, stabbing the akuma into the wall. The akuma recognizes the exorcist and starts taunting him, telling him he should have stayed away from the battlefield and claiming that akuma keep birthing evolving at a huge speed. She then utters her final profanity "you chose hell you moron!" before Kanda slices her in pieces.