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The Bee akuma is an unnamed modified level 2 Akuma that led Tiedoll Unit through Edo.


It has a bee-like shape with a black and yellow striped body and a sting. It has two pairs of wings and two pairs of arms and no legs. Its face is human-like though a bit monstruous with a serrated mouth, big eyes and facial markings.


It appears to have a rather laid-back personality. It is mischievious, prefering to deceive the exorcists, posing as a human rather than telling them he was an akuma sent by Cross.


Edo and Asian Branch Arc[]

It was modified by Cross Marian and sent to Tiedoll unit when they arrived in Edo. It used its human form to guide them so that they would not discover it is an Akuma. When they finally reach the capital city, Tiedoll sends his disciples away and reveals that he knew from the beginning the true nature of the bee Akuma. The Akuma takes its true form and asks why Tiedoll played along. Tiedoll responds that he is here for his own reasons but as the Akuma escorted them he returned the favor, and this way he would not be indebted to Cross.

The Akuma chuckles and reveals that it has been struggling to resist the call of the Earl for a long time and can no longer do so. It confesses that it is starving before blowing up. Tiedoll comments that this is grotesque.

Abilities and Powers[]

Natural akuma abilities