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I have no name. Just call me Bookman.
— Bookman introducing himself.

Bookman (ブックマン, Bukkuman) is the head member of the Bookman clan and an Exorcist and member of the European Branch of the Black Order, though this affiliation only exists so he and his apprentice, Lavi, can record the world's history as it unfolds. "Bookman" is not his birth name. Bookman belonged to the Marian Unit.


Bookman is a very short old man whose face is marked with wrinkles around his mouth and eyes. He has only a patch of white (greyish brown in the first anime) hair on his head that stands up to make the shape of a question mark, and dark black circles of makeup around his eyes, which often makes him the butt of jokes from his apprentice Lavi, who refers to him as "old panda". He also has two more smaller black circles at the upper outer side of the big ones. He wears earrings and has a strong nose as well as long, pointy ears.

When he was in his fifties he had light, straight, long hair which is combed back. He also had a light goatee. [1]

He wears the standard exorcist uniform with his innocence attached to his fingers. His new exorcist uniform is the classic red and black one.


Bookman has a detached personality and tries to avoid forming tight bonds or connections with those around him. He offers a helping hand on multiple occasions but tries to keep from directly interfering with transpiring events. As such, he lectures Lavi often on how important it is to maintain this mindset and fears he is becoming too friendly with the Exorcists and becoming more of a fighter than an observer. At one point he even reminds Lavi that he is a Bookman and not a true Exorcist. The irony of this is that Bookman himself, has openly displayed how much he cares for Lavi and others, and has also himself directly on the front lines of many battles. One could argue that this is for self preservation, but he has also protected his Exorcist comrades on various occasions - a direct contrast to his Bookman beliefs. [2] Bookman has an enduring spirit.

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[3] Current[4]
Sophistication 5 5
Humanity 1 1.5
Combat Ability 3 3
Mental 5 5
Flexibility 4 5
Extra Statistics
Agility 4 5


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