D.Gray-man Encyclopedia
Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers[]

Skilled Acupuncturist: Using his uninvoked Innocence, Bookman can apply his acupuncture needles as they are typically applied, healing various wounds such as Allen's damaged eye and Lenalee's coma.

Martial Skills: Despite his old age, Bookman is a skilled martial artist. He is able to face a trained second exorcist like Yu Kanda and even managed to steal him his headband

Multilingualism: As a Bookman , he knows many foreign languages including a mysterious one he spoke when the Noah's ark showed itself.


Heaven Compass (天針(ヘヴンコンパス) Hevunkonpasu): An equipment type, Heaven Compass takes the form of a large set of acupuncture needles, which Bookman keeps wrapped up in a large scroll and uses for practical as well as combat purposes.

  • Northcrime

    Compass of Spells: North Crime

    Compass Of Spells: North Crime (呪縛の針「北ノ罪(ノースクライム) Jubaku no Hari "Nōsu Kuraimu"?) : From a compass-looking like circle that is produced from the spell, a large amount of needles is produced, stabbing the enemy using needles, presumably immobilizing the target. While this attack can destroy multiple Level One and Two Akuma, it had trouble defeating a Level Three. However, since the attack on Headquarters, its power apparently increased as it could destroy a few Level Threes simultaneously.
  • East crime

    Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime

    Needles of Divine Protection: East Crime (加護の針「東の罪(イーストクライム) Kago no Hari "Īsuto Kuraimu"?) : Used as a protection skill, surrounding a target completely with needles in a circular shape. Bookman can also telekinetically control the needles to move around in a large bunch and act as stepping stones in the air by forming multiple clusters of needles in mid air.