D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Bookman VS Several Akumas
  • Bookman VS Eshi
  • Bookman and Tiedoll's team VS Giant Akumas
  • Bookman and Allen Walker VS Multiple Akumas
  • Bookman VS Yu Kanda (training)
  • Bookman, Lavi and Chaozii VS Fiedla



  • Along with Lavi, his real name is unknown.
  • When he became a Bookman, his old name was "deleted".[1]
  • Lavi often calls Bookman "Old Panda" because of his looks.
  • The black around his eyes is makeup.[1]
  • Bookman is occasionally seen smoking.
  • Bookman's favourite food is pudding, and his least favourite food is bananas.[2]
  • Bookman's hobbies are preparing medicinal herbs, taking care of his scalp, and collecting cigars.[3]
  • He likes beautiful women, taking naps, and combat sports.[3]
  • He dislikes losing his successor.[3]
  • Bookman's necessities are the readiness to fulfil his mission, an enduring spirit, and tobacco.[3]
  • According to Lavi, Bookman moves around really slowly in the morning.[4]
  • It has been revealed that Bookman had at least one other apprentice before he chose Lavi as his successor.[5]
  • Katsura Hoshino has stated that she will reveal the story behind Lavi's hidden eye when Bookman meets his demise.
  • Bookman is the shortest adult human character whose height is known in the series.


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