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The Police Inspector is the hierarchical superior of officer Moore Hesse. He interrogated Allen about the case in the old church in the first chapter.


He appears as a middle-aged man with dark hair and a square face. He has a serious look and is seen smoking.


He is a serious man with a stern look.


Introduction Arc[]

After the death of policeman Charles, the inspector interrogates Allen Walker as a murder suspect. Even though Allen pleads his innocence, the inspector refuses to believe him, and also expresses disgust in Allen's left arm. However, due to lack of evidence, and Officer Moore Hesse informing him that Allen was with her at the time of the murder, the inspector instead directs his anger her for not seeing the suspect even though she was at the scene of the crime. After hearing about the Akuma and Exorcists from Allen, he decides he is done with him and orders Moore to keep an eye on the boy at her house.

Later, the inspector and a number of officers head to the church, after hearing a loud crash. There, they find Moore and Allen, who are being pursued by an Akuma. Not knowing what it is, the inspector decides it is evil and orders his men to open fire, attracting the Akuma's attention. The creature then fires upon the inspector and his officers, killing them.