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The Doctor is a character in Reverse The Traveling Clergyman. He works in a hospital in which he uses his patients as trade goods in his occupation as a Broker of the Millennium Earl.


The Doctor is a chubby middle-aged man with a thick moustache. He has fair hair and is dressed in a doctor's uniform.


The Doctor is at first portrayed as kind-hearted and empathic, offering to treat a terminally patient free of charge. However, that is later shown to be a mere facade as he is in fact a heartless and greedy doctor who made a deal to produce Akuma for the Millennium Earl in exchange for gaining a massive amount of wealth. He also lacks any medical ethics to the point of poisoning regular patients into becoming terminally ill and once they die deceive their loved ones into calling back their dead souls (via a phone call supposedly to the Millennium Earl) turning them into Akuma) in what he claims to be "counseling".