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The Broker Nun is an unnamed sister of the Heart Orphan asylum in Paris. She worked as a Broker for the Earl and is responsible for the coming of the akumas in the Phantom Thief G Arc.


She is a middle-aged woman dressed with the traditional religious habit with a black veil, sleeves and a cross


The religious is a very greedy person, ready to sell other humans' and even children's souls to the earl for money. She also feels detached from humanity as she thought allying with the earl was a good idea and that he was only the enemy of the exorcists. She was proven wrong when an akuma crushed her to death.


At some point of her life she became a nun in the hearst orphan asylum and a broker. She used her position to sell information to the earl about people likely to be turned into akumas. When Timothy joined the orphanage she didn't understand that he was an accomodator.


When the exorcists come to the asylum and discuss with the mother superior she overhears the conversation and realizes that Timothy has an innocence in his forehead. She quickly calls the earl who sends akumas to capture him.

During the attack she draws a gun and shoots Emilia. She grabs Timothy and plans to bring him to the earl but a level 2 akumas uses its power and turns her into a doll. She protests that they are allies but the akuma replies that if she wants to help him she can just become his meal. He proceeds to stomp on her and crush her head.


  • She does not appear in the anime.
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