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Buzz is a Finder and a member of the European Branch of the Black Order.


Buzz is a tall bald man with three, rectangular facial tattoos; one on his forehead and one on each cheek. He is seen wearing the typical, long beige jacket of a Finder.[1]


Easily upset and angered, Buzz is shown to be quick to become incensed and emotional when Yu Kanda blatantly insults the Finders, crying and attempting to strike Kanda.


Ghost of Mater Arc[]

Buzz is first seen in the cafeteria, where he and his fellow Finders are apparently mourning the recent loss of a friend. When Kanda makes a remark, Buzz becomes angered and demands Kanda repeat himself. Kanda tells him to shut up and says that their crying is ruining his appetite, and Buzz starts crying and demands to know how Kanda can say that about someone who just died in battle.[2]

Insulted by the fact that Kanda doesn't respect the fact that Finders lay their lives on the line to support the Exorcists, Buzz attempts to punch Kanda, but Kanda quickly grabs his throat and hoists him off of his feet, laughing at Buzz's idea of "support" by saying that supporting is all they can do, and if they don't want to die they should leave, as Finders can easily be replaced.[3]

As Buzz starts to choke, Allen Walker intervenes, grabbing Kanda's hand and making him lower Buzz back onto the ground while saying that that "isn't the way to talk to someone". When Kanda calls him "bean sprout," Allen introduces himself, to which Kanda replies by saying he'll remember if Allen survives the month, as new recruits drop like flies, just like "this guy" (Buzz).[4] Allen, gripping Kanda's wrist with his Innocence hand, squeezes Kanda's wrist and makes him drop the now unconscious Buzz, again reminding Kanda about how he talks to others.[5]


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