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The Campbell Family is a family that appears to be linked to the mystery of Nea and Mana. They are the owners of the Campbell Residence.


The family traditionally lives in a vast domain located in an unknown country. The family is known to be composed of eccentric individuals according to Katerina.

Someday in the past Cyrus Campbell was chosen as the head of the family.

The family gained two new members Nea D. Campbell and Mana D. Campbell when they were adopted by Katerina Eve Campbell.

Family Members[]

Name Position Status
Cyrus Campbell Family Head Unknown
Katerina Eve Campbell Alive
Nea D. Campbell Deceased
Mana D. Campbell Deceased


  • Lucia, Joe and Bennet may or may not be part of the Campbell Family.
  • Allen Walker could be considered a Campbell considering that his foster father was a Campbell.
  • Nea and Mana are the only members with the "D".
  • In real life, Campbell  is primarily a Scottish surname of Gaelic origins.