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The Campbell Residence is the estate of the Campbell family, and the place where Nea and Mana grew up.


It is a large residence, with a brick exterior and a hip roof. It has many tall windows, and a front door flanked by two columns. The brick walls are covered with ivy, and some plants grow along its side. Wheat fields surround the residence, and not far from the residence is a knarled, leafless tree. The more noteworthy features of the place are the burning sunset, the sound of the wind and the swath of gold. [1]


The leafless tree is named Cornelia, according to Caterina Eve Campbell and Joe. Notably, even when other trees are shown to be full of leaves, Cornelia remains bare. Cornelia seems to have some sort of magical properties, as a shard of its bark was able to permanently destroy Timcanpy, who was usually able to regenerate when destroyed.


In the past[]


The residence in the past

Many years ago, though when is uncertain, Caterina Eve Campbell met the old Earl of Millennium under Cornelia, when his top hat flew off and she retrieved it for him. The Earl presumably spent some time in the estate as "this scene remains within his heart".[1]

One day, Caterina found the Earl's empty clothes underneath Cornelia, and on the clothes, she found two infants. She named them Nea D. Campbell and Mana D. Campbell, and raised them as her own children. It seems like besides Caterina and her two children several people lived there including Cyrus D.Campbell and Bennet.[2]

After the death of Nea, the Earl of Millennium returned to the residence and wounded Caterina with the intention to kill her but she survived.

Search for A.W Arc[]

Currently the residence is inhabited by Joe, Lucia and Naaga along with Ur-Campy. They received and hosted Bookman until he woke up.


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