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Chalker Laboun (チャーカー・ラボン, Chākā Rabon) is a former Exorcist and European Branch of the Black Order. He, Suman Dark and Kazaana Reed were in Winters Socalo Unit.


Suman Dark's Fallen Arc[]

Suman, Chalker and Kazaana were eventually confronted by Tyki Mikk, and were massacred one by one. Seeing the deaths of his comrades, Suman begs the Noah for mercy, and made a deal to give information regarding the Black Order. Suman lived, but his actions had caused the deaths of 142 Finders and 6 Exorcists.

Powers and Abilities[]



Chalker's Innocence activated

Unnamed Sword: Chalker possesses a Equipment-type Anti-Akuma-Weapon, which looked like a sword. In the manga, it was never seen invoked. However in the Anime, when he activated his Innocence, his sword becomes a giant golden claymore. The sword is then, more or less, 4 times as big as his body but it looks like he doesn't have trouble lifting it, so that he can use it without any problems.