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Chalker Laboun (チャーカー・ラボン, Chākā Rabon) is a former Exorcist and European Branch of the Black Order. He, Suman Dark and Kazaana Reed were in Winters Socalo Unit.

Plot Edit

Suman Dark's Fallen Arc Edit

Suman, Chalker and Kazaana were eventually confronted by Tyki Mikk, and were massacred one by one. Seeing the deaths of his comrades, Suman begs the Noah for mercy, and made a deal to give information regarding the Black Order. Suman lived, but his actions had caused the deaths of 142 Finders and 6 Exorcists.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Chalker's Innocence activated

Unnamed Sword: Chalker possesses a Equipment-type Anit-Akuma-Weapon, which looked like a Sword. In the manga, it was never seen invoked. However in the Anime, when he activated his innocence, his sword becomes a giant golden claymore. The sword is than, more or less, 4 times as big as his body but it looks like he doesn't have trouble lifting it, so that he can use it without any problems.


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