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The Chang Ancestor is a main figure in the Chang Clan's history. He was one of the founders of the Black Order and is the great-granduncle of Bak Chang the current Clan's head as well as the first branch chief of the Asian Branch.


He was born in Germany and became a very powerful sorcerer. At some point of his life he traveled to China and created the magical being For using his magic and an enormous gate. He fathered at least 2 children whose one was Zuu Mei Chang and the other was Tui's parent. When the Cube was discovered, he took part in the New World Alliance and became an important key to the creation of the Black Order. He became the head of the Asian Branch which became a preserve of the Chang Clan.

Powers and Abilities.[]

Magic: He is known to be a very powerful sorcerer.

  • Tutelary spirit: Chang managed to bewitch the Asian Branch, creating a spirit designed to defend the place and his proprietors: the Changs. The spell's effect was inherited throughout his bloodline. The spirit could even take a physical form called For.