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I guess I thought apostles of God would be different. I didn't think... you'd tell jokes or laugh... or be afraid... or... anything like that.
— Chaozii in the Noah's Ark

Chaozii Han (チャオジー・ハン, Chaojī Han) is an Exorcist and member of the Black Order European Branch. Before joining the Order, he worked for Black Order supporter Anita, along with his friends Maosa and Kie, who also joined the Order as Finders after Anita died, then later on joined the Tiedoll Unit.


Chaozii is a stocky Asian young man of average height with dark hair and dark eyes. His typically unruly hair is almost always pulled back into a tight, spiky ponytail. He had freckles but they seem to have disappeared recently.


Chaozii is a very emotional person who is easily swayed by sorrow or anger. Typically amiable and friendly, he is prone to crying easily (and loudly) which can give him away when he is lying. When angered he becomes spiteful and unsympathetic, holding a grudge against Allen Walker even though they had gotten along before and even after Allen had saved his life; Chaozii is fully prepared to fight the now ostracised Allen should they meet.

He is also fiercely loyal, as demonstrated by when he tells Lenalee Lee that she and the other Exorcists can use his life as they see fit[1] and lies to his shipmates in an attempt to die with them.[2]

Chaozii is also a very righteous man, who values justice and feels a deep contempt for the Noah and Akuma. He is also persistent, dedicating himself to his duty as an Exorcist and not allowing himself to take breaks, spending a good amount of time training.[3]

Personal Statistics[]

Statistics Previous[4] Current[3]
Sophistication 3 3
Humanity 3 5
Combat Ability 3 4
Mental 4 4
Flexibility 3 3
Extra Statistics
Acting 1 -
Anger - 4


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