D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Major Battles[]

  • Chaozii VS Tyki Mikk
  • Chaozii, Lavi and Bookman VS Feedler



  • Chaozii’s hobbies are fishing, training and stargazing.[1][2]
  • He likes Anita, humans and justice.[1][2]
  • He dislikes hypocrites, Akuma and Noah.[1][2]
  • Chaozii’s necessities are the thoughts and wishes that he inherited from Anita and the crew.[2]
  • Chaozii's ears twitch when he lies.[3]
  • These are some contradictions between the Hallow anime and manga events regarding Chaozii regaining consciousness. In the anime, he has already woken up from his comatose state when Allen fled from the Order with the help of Noah,[4] while in the manga, only after these events Tyki tells Feedler to let Chaozii wake up with his parasites inside to keep an eye out for Apocryphos within the Order.[5]


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