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Lost the Key?! is the one hundredth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As the team comprehend the nature of the power that was used on them Lenalee realizes there is really only one key on the floor and that the rest are all illusions. The real key is on the ground just a few feet from where the group stands however they cannot make it out because of the deceiving glasses power the twins have used, the invisible twins then begin to attack the team. In the attack Chaozzi is badly burnt on the back. In an attempt to lure the twins out Allen uses Crown Edge to destroy a large part of the room they are in. The twins counter this with a Green bullet that traps allen in a bubble, cutting of his air supply. whilst the others start to panic Krory stands quietly concentrating.

Lavi explain to Allen that he should protect the others whilst he finds the real key. When asked how he explains that as a bookman successor he has recorded every tiny detail of the real key down to the dirt and small scratches and that the glasses cannot deceive him. Allen says he needs to find the key within a minute to which Lavi says is impossible. at that moment Allen is hit with "blue bullet and he shout to Lavi to find the key. As Allen is hurled across the room he is saved by Krory. Krory however says he heard Allen say he would throw him and launches Allen across the room. I transpires that Krory actually managed to throw Allen at the invisible twins who cry out in pain. krory goes to attack but the twins dodge, Krory comments he should have thrown Allen harder. He then explains his blood can sense where they are because he wants to bite them to death and that Allen should follow his lead. The Twins try to recover from the attack but Krory jumps straight to where they are making them need to dodge again. they attack but Krory runs vertically up the bookshelves and then back at them. He instructs Allen to grab hold of them as they are directly in front of him and the twins are trapped, dispirit Allen still not being able to see them.


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