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Believing is our Strength (信じるという僕らの強さ , Shinjiru to iu Bokura no Tsuyosa) is the one hundred and fourth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Krory states that he is not a vampire, that only one person could call him that, Jasdevi say that's just how he see's it since he lost so much blood and is still alive. The others ask if Krory is ok but he shrugs off their worries even though he is bleeding profusely. He asks how many flasks of Akuma Blood he has left to which Lavi replies he has three. Jasdevi decides he will kill all of them and moves to strike, managing to out maneouver Allen and Lavi despite Lavi using his Flame seal against him. Jasdevi attacks Lavi through the flames and uses his hair to form spikes and impale Krory. Jasedvi explains that this form they have become is the "imaginary strongest body" that they could materialise. And although Allen and Lavi Repeatedly attack they are unable to do any damage to Jasdevi.

As Jasedevi is attacking he is grabbed by the hair and restrained by Krory. The exorcists yell to the other to get throughthe door and that he will deal with the Noah at that moment he is once again impaled with Jasdevi's hair spikes. The room startes to collapse due to the Ark download and although Allen doesn't want to leave Krory he insists that the rest of them carry on in order to face any threats in the next room. He says that he believes that Allen and Lavi with be able to put things right and that they should leave him now.

Allen thinks about the fact Kanda had aleady sacrificed himslef and leaves with the others, leaving Krory to deal with Jasdevi. Krory drink another bottle of Akuma blood and the two insult each other before facing off.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Arystar Krory III
Allen Walker
Lenalee Lee
Chaoji Han
Yu Kanda - flashback


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