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The Rouge Stage (ルージュの舞台 , Ruuju no Butai) is the one hundred and fifth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Lenalee cries out to Allen that they must go back for Krory as he is injured and the shouldn't spilt up but Allen comforts her, saying it'll be alright. He explains his resolve and says that since usually Lenalee is like a big sister to everyone that it's time that they act the same towards her now. Lavi reminds her that Krory still has Akuma Blood so he will be able to do it.

Jasdevi asks Krory what he just dranks and picks up the empty flask, licking the bottle. He is disgusted to find that instead of being human blood as he thought that it is Akuma blood, Krory states that to him it tastes like tomato juice. Jasdevi says that Krory can't blend in with other humans because of the way he is and that they must stay away from him for being a monster, Krory ertorts that humnas must say the same to him. This enrages Jasdevi who repeated attacks Krory shouting monster at him. He manages to grab Krory by the neck and slams him into the ground, and he crushes him between two star shaped energy screens. Jasdevi remarks that normally vampires must be killed by piercing the heart with a stake. Krory however replies that this vampire died after drinking the blood of the woman he loved - Eliade - and that she is the only one in this world who can call him vampire and that if anyone else does he will become furious. Krory then breaks through the screens that were holding him, he states that now he is simply the exorcist who will defeat him.

Krory suddenly attacks and manages to out flank Jasdevia nd attack him. Jasdevi cries out in pain and looks at Krory whose hands are now covered Ruby with hardened blood. Jasdevi tries to work out how Krory is suddenly so much more powerful and realises that it's from drinking the Akuma Blood. while working this out Krory thinks he has already drank two of three bottles of Akuma blood.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Lenalee Lee
Allen Walker
Chaoji Han
Arystar Krory III
Eliade - flashback


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