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Crimson Shake (crimson shake(クリムゾン シェイク), kurimuzon sheiku) is the one hundred and sixth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Jasdevi and Krory begin to battle once more, both attacking fairly evenly against each other. Jasdevi mentions that after drinking the bottle of blood he improves a lot, to which Krory says thank you, and Jasdevi says he isn't complimenting him. Krory slams Jasdevi into a floor and then Jasdevi slams Krory into a wall with his hair, he asks Krory whether he has more blood and repeats that it is disgusting how his Innocence works. He asks Krory if he is ok with being a monster; Krory shrugs off the comment breaking through the restraints and attacks again. Jasdevi attacks again with his hair spikes but Krory destroys his hair commenting that it will turn him bald.

Krory notes to himself that their power is currently about the same and that if he drinks the last bottle right now he will be able to defeat him, but he realises that because of his previous injuries his body is no longer breaking down the Akuma virus properly and it is now poisoning him. They continue to fight on even ground however Krory begins to lose ground because the virus starts affecting his body. Jasdevi then slashes Krory across the chest and grabs him. He says he will punish him more for letting Allen and the group get away and launches Krory into a wall. As Krory assesses the situation Jasdevi appears beside him and asks him about his last bottle, he also asks how he knows about how many bottles Krory has left. He then reveals that he can control his hair even when not attached to his body and pulls the bottle out of Krory's pocket. Krory knocks the bottle away from the hair strand and streaks towards the bottle to try and catch it.

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