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Bloody Krory (ブラッディ·クロウリー , Buraddi Kurourī) is the one hundred and eighth chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Jasdevi walks off he remarks that after all a human body couldn't stand up against them. suddenly the room starts collapsing and he decides to leave before he gets trapped, saying that Cross is making him feel jumpy.

In the Iron Maiden Krory is still trapped and a figure can be seen in front of it asking Krory why he is still in there. Krory wonders who the voice belongs to and realizes that it is Eliade. She if it's right that he became an exorcist as an excuse for killing her, and also wonders why he risks him life to protect the others, she says that he never manages to finish a job. Krory laughs at this and asks Eliade if she has come to take him to Heaven. Eliade says he's being foolish, as she does not have a soul, only a sense of self born from evolving as a level 2 Akuma, therefore if he goes to heaven he will go alone. Shes asks if he wants to go on with the others, since they were the first humans to see him as a friend and not a monster. Krory dwells upon his meeting with Allen and Lavi when they took him away from his village and his nervousness when first meeting Lenalee. Eliade says that if he dies now he'll be alone again, she tells him to go with his friends and leaves him with a rose.

Krory thanks her, tells her he loves her and says he's coming as blood gushes out the Iron Maiden. The BLood shoots out in a jet towards  the door where Jasedvi who is still worrying about what to do with Cross' debts. He suddenly notices a form behind him but before he can react is attacked. He tries to retaliate to no avail and then realises there is something different about Krory. He is formed entirely of blood and has taken a dmeonic winged form, able only to say the words "i will protect my friends". Jasdevi initially thinks his whole body is covered in blood by then realises that his physical body is still trapped and that the power of his innocence is allowing his blood to escape. Krory then says he will have Chomesuke's blood back, plunging his hand into Jasdevi's chest and removing it into himself by force. Jasdevi tries to attack with his hair spike but to no avail. he then regains his composure and says now he will get really serious.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Eliade - illusion
Arystar Krory III
Allen Walker - flashback
Lavi - flashback
Lenalee Lee - flashback
Bookman - flashback
Arystar Krory III - Bloody Krory


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