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The Red Curtain Falls (瞼を閉じ幕引きの赤, Mabuta wo Toji Makuhiki no Aka) is the one hundred and eighth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Krory remarks on how he is now able to see again, that everything is silent and that he cannot feel pain. He wonders whether he is only controlling himself through will power alone. Jasdevi looks on as Bloody Krory roars, he remembers advice from the Earl saying not to underestimate the innocence as they will do anything to defeat them. Jasdevi comments that the Earl is right and he is truly faced with a monster. Jasdevi shouts he will tear Krory to shreds and attempts to punch him in the face but the head of Bloody Krory simply parts and Jasdevi hits nothing. the form then splits into two. Bloody Krory repeats that he will protect his friends as the separate halves both attack Jasdevi.

Jasdevi desperately tries to keep up with the blood mannequin to no avail, eventually landing a kick only for the head reform having his leg locked in teeth and he is hurled to the wall. As Jasdevi recovers he realizes that something is wrong wrong where he was just hit by Krory. He screams in pain and looks at his arm where the word Innocence is burned into it, he remarks that he is infected with Innocence. He screams at Krory calling him a monster again and the two charge, with Krory repeating he will protect. The two charge at each other and the resulting collision causes a huge shockwave that is even felt by Miranda Lotto who struggles to hold her Time Out.

Back in the room Jasdevi is seriously injured and says he needs to rest for a moment; the twins separate into their original bodies and collapse. As this happens the Iron Maiden opens and Krory falls out of it. As his body collapses Bloody Krory walks over to it, unharmed from the clash with Jasdevi. Krory's innocence speaks to the mannequin and it dissolves back into Krory's body. The toll on Krory is great and he cannot move his body however as his consciousness fades he thinks to himself that he is happy the others got away.

== Characters in Order of Appearance ==
Arystar Krory III - Bloody Krory
The Earl of Millennium - flashback
Allen Walker - flashback
Lavi - flashback
Lenalee Lee - flashback
Bookman - flashback
Miranda Lotto
Arystar Krory III



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