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Old Man of the Land and Aria of the Night Sky (Part 3) (土翁と空夜のアリア③, Tsuchi Okina to Kūya no Aria 3) is the eleventh chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The false skin of the Level Two Akuma fades away as Allen’s mirror image stabs him in the chest with its own Cross Anti-Akuma Weapon.

Allen swings back and attacks, but misses, and the Level Two mocks him as it contorts its physical body, saying that it has cloned Allen and his power due to the abilities that it gained when it evolved.

The Level Two then contorts its pseudo-Cross into a trident-like weapon and attacks Allen again, throwing him through several buildings as its bloodlust builds.

As Allen recovers, he notes that his Anti-Akuma Weapon has taken damage, noting with comical terror that he will have to have Komui fix it just as the ground beneath him breaks and he falls. Down the hole, Allen notices that underground the city of Mater there seems to be great catacombs.

Elsewhere, the child who is the companion of Guzol explains to Kanda that there is a large underground complex that the people of Mater built to escape the heat. Kanda contemplates the child’s suggestion to hide underground to avoid the flying Akuma as the Finder Toma contacts him on his communicator golem.

Toma relays information that the Level Two, having lost sight of Allen, is now going after Timcanpy, and that they need Timcanpy for his abilities. After Kanda orders Toma to retrive Timcanpy and come to him, communications between them cease.

Guzol says that he can guide Kanda through the underground catacombs, as he has been in Mater for five hundred years. Deducing that Guzol is the doll and that his heart is the shard of Innocence he has been sent to retrieve, Kanda bluntly states that he would like to take Guzol’s heart to lighten the load.

The child traveling with Guzol intervenes, rationalizing that if Kanda kills Guzol he will be lost when they get underground.

Kanda decides to postpone taking Guzol’s heart, apologizing for getting them involved.

When Toma arrives, he reveals that Timcanpy has been crushed into small pieces.

The golem quickly reforms, though, and reveals the abilities of the Level Two to Kanda. After studying the information, Kanda comes to the conclusion that the Level Two uses its body to reflect an object of its choosing, and that it can also use the abilities of whatever it copies however it chooses.

While Kanda and Toma go over this analysis, Guzol and the child sneak away.

Just as an angry Kanda realizes this, someone who seems to be Allen walks up behind them.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Timcanpy
  2. Pierrot
  3. Allen Walker
  4. Komui Lee (flashback)
  5. Reever Wenhamm (flashback)
  6. Yu Kanda
  7. Lala
  8. Toma
  9. Guzol