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Dinner Party of the Sheep (羊の晩餐会 "Hitsuji no Bansankai) , Tankōbon : Sheep Soiree is the one hundred and tenth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Having escaped the library, the remaining exorcists are climbing stairs. Lenalee Lee has some trouble to walk so Allen takes her hand. Lavi asks if she is okay, to what she says yes. He jokes about Allen holding her hand and Komui, noting that Timcanpy is not here to record this. As they tease each others, Lenalee dives into her thoughts. She thinks about how strong Allen has become and how weak she feels without her weapon. She even has a vision of all her friends dead around her. She tells her self to bounce back and even says at loud she she need to "be strong". As they look at her, she tells them she was thinking about her training when they are back.

This pronts them to say what they are going to do when they are at home. Lavi will go to sleep. He says to Lenalee that if she goes on like this, she won't find a boyfriend. Lenalee angrily scolds him this is none of his buisness. Lavi has an enigmatic response which leave Lenalee questioning. Allen will eat tons of food prepared by Jeryy. Chaozii Han laughs ,surprised that the apostles of god laugh, fear and have regular emotions like any human. He thought them to be different. Allen conforts him and advise him to think of happy things during hard times. Lero mocks them and says they will never make out of here alive. Allen negates and says he will never give up. As Allen walks into the light to go in the last room, Lavi thinks to himself that his will is dazzling, as if he was going to disappear in the light.

Allen steps in the room to be hugged by Road Kamelot. She kisses him to the shock of everyone. Lero scolds Road as Lavi snaps Allen out of his numbness. Tyki Mikk sits at the end of a long table and asks Road if she likes this boy so much. Cell Roron drones on about Allen being alive as Tyki proposes them to join for the dinner. Allen refuses for he needs more time to eat. Road enjoins him to look outside how much time he has left. The exorcists realize that everything but the tower they are in has disappeared, Kanda Yu and Arystar Krory III included. Road shuts and locks the door and orders them to sit. Tyki encourages them , asking if they are afraid. Allen decides to take a seat.

Chapter Notes[]

  • This is Allen's first kiss that Road has stolen.


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