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Dark Rhapsody (闇色ラプソディー "Yami Iro Rapusodii) or Dark-Colored Rhapsody in volume is the one hundred and eleventh chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen Walker sits at the end of the table with Lenalee Lee and Lavi sitting on his left and Chaozii Han on his right . Tyki Mikk is at the other end of the table and Road sits on the middle of the table. Tyki invites them to chat a bit. Seing how tense they look, he adds there is no cheating no trap, a way out is waiting for them at the top of the tower. Road hugs Allen and stays sticked to him. Lenalee thinks of her disappeared friends and Lavi tells her to get over it, this is not easy for anyone. Allen asks Tyki what he wants to talk about. Tyki jokes that he is the first Exorcist ti have ever fleeced a Noah. Allen replies that he already did to hundreds of people.

Allen then asks if his Innocence raises his curiosity. Tyki grins and admits he was pretty sure to have destroyed it. Allen answers that it is still here. Road wonders if Tyki is finally interested in Innocence. Tyki nods and goes on asking if it is what allowed Allen to survive having a hole in his heart. Lenalee and Lavi are distraughts as Allen had tried to hide it. Lavi recalls Bookman's words about Lenalee's innocence saving his live being an precedented case. He concludes that there are now two "exceptions". He ponders the meaning of this new discovery but he is interrupted by a voice in his head who asks him if he has noted everything. The responsable is Road facing him who shushes him.

Tyki slightly angered lights a cigarette and asks Road to move away. Road protests saying she loves him to the protestations of Lero. Tyki explains that he only accomplished the earl's jobs for fun until now but he now understands that he can't play his role only by half. "To exterminate your ennemy you have to go seriously through and do it." A Tease lands on Lenalee's shoulder and Allen immediately rips it off showing a menacing look. He threatens Tyki that if he every lands a fingers his friends he will kill him. He asks Lenalee to trust him before rushing to the Noah. Lavi stands up to help his friends but he is stopped by Road flying on Lero. She asks him not to interfere and to play with her instead. Meanwhile Allen and Tyki clash in a cloud of black butterflies.


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