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Poker is the one hundred and twelfth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


A giant dice appears around Lenalee Lee and Chaozii Han trapping them. Lenalee conforts Lavi that Road only locked them. Road asks again if Lavi will play with her. Lavi aknowledges that she is Road, the Noah Family elder and accepts her invitation under the condition that if he wins the game, she free his friends; Road consents and the surrounding area changes near Lavi and her. He ends up elsewhere, in a room with a checkerboard ground. A Road-like thing grows out of the floor and announces that if he manages to get out of here, he wins.

Tyki on his side lets a kaleidoscope of Teases out of his body that attacks Allen. Allen protects himself with his innocence strings and clashes with Tyki. He throws a glance at the tower to see his friends and Tyki Mikk comments that Lavi is unlucky to face Road, as he will probably lose his mind. He then tells Allen to focus on him. The Exorcist attacks but Tyki jumps and stops mid-air. He is now flying as he explains his ability allows him to. He can choose how he interacts with everything, except for innocence which doesn't belong to this world. Allen sticks his belt to the ceiling and propulses himself to a cigarette smoking Tyki's height, head down.

Tyki exhales and lets more Tease out. Bigger this time. They clash and Allen destroys some butterflies But Tyki pushes Allen backward. Lenalee is deeply worried for his friends.


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