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Dangerous Sheep (破壊的シープ "Hakaiteki Shiipu) is the one hundred and thirteenth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Lavi still in the checkerboard place wonders where he is. He thinks that given that Road has the ability to travel through space , she may have sent him to another place. But the place seems really weird, and somewhat unreal. The Road-like part of the checkerboard grins. She asks if he was wondering is she transported him somewhere else and Lavi nods. He asks if she will stay here in the checkearboard instead of fighting, patting her head with his hammer. She answers that she is not her opponent, her opponent is there, pointing at another, a bit younger Lavi.

Lavi is surprised and summons fire with his hammer. But this has no effect, as Road states it, only his mind was transported here, not his weapon. The Innocence shatters. Road goes on explaining that teleportation is not her power. Her real power is the ability to connect the world where she is wherever she wants in the real world. She is she sheep carrying the "dream" of Noah. This place is nothing but a dream born from the mind of Road Kamelot!In the real world, it is revealed that Lavi's Body is lying unconcious on his knees as Lenalee and Chaoji shouts to him. Road flies next to him on Lero who comments on how her powers are scary. Road asks herself where to strike to see Bookman's blood spurt out, and which color it will be.

Allen takes support on the ground as Tyki flies. Tyki Mikk flings Dark Matter slashes at him. Allen dodges them but it destroys a few pillars, Allen grabs Tyki's left arm with his string. Allen rushes at his oppen and strike, Tyki avoids and slaps Allen in the face. Allen hits him in the abdomen in return. Tyki stops his flight on a water surface and watches Allen standing on top of crown clown. A swarm of giant Teases appears around Allen. The Exorcist puts him mask on and destroys all of them with a circular attack. Tyki comments that this armor protects him entierely , making him look more like a white demon than a white clown. He can't wait for destroying him again.

Chapter Notes[]

  • It is unknown if the slashes that Tyki sends are mere dark matter attacks or if they are air slashes, an application of Tyki's choose ability.


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