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Cracked Cherry (亀裂チェリー "Kiretsu Cherii), Tankōbon : Two Struggles is the one hundred and fourth chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Tyki Mikk activates his Dark Matter on his hands and announces that he will break Allen Walker's arm, like the last time. Allen gets ready and recognizes the Innocence destroyer power. He remembers Komui Lee warning him to dodge it and not trying to face it if he happens to be once again against this power. Innocence and Dark Matter are opposite and equilibrate like light and darkness. Allen must absolutely not lose his innocence again. However, Allen refuses to run away and decides to face the power nonetheless. He holds Tyki's blast for a while as Tyki tells he will free him from his innocence and make him disappear. But Allen can't hold it anylonger and gets violently projected on the dice of Lenalee Lee and Chaozii Han.

Tyki is surprised that one blow wasn't enough to kill him and moves forward to finish the job. Road complains that he damanged her Allen as Lenalee and Chaozi panick. Lenalee yells not to touch her friend.

Meanwhile in Road's dimension, Lavi finds himself on a small boat. Bookman calls him by his name but Lavi doesn't listen so he calls him with his former alias "dick". Lavi answers and Bookman scolds him for not knowing his current alias. They are heading to the Black Order, their new affiliation. Lavi realizes this is a memory of him two years earlier when they joined the order. He recalls that the reality is in the Ark. Bookman asks what's wrong and Lavi congratulates Road for picking on his memories and recreating them faithfully. He says he's going home but the other "Lavi' from before appears and says there is no home for him. He has no affect as his Bookman job requires. Bookman and him blame him for paying too much attention to men and Akumas, they say "your left eye used to shine more".

Lavi sees Lenalee's body in a coffin in the canal. He dives and swims to reach her and sees there are hundreds of other coffins. In the real world Allen wakes up from his stunning and and defies Tyki while brandishing his claws. He asks if they think they can't even break their spirits and if they think they can only run away before darkness.


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