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Weak Person (ヨワキ ヒト, Yowaki hito) or The Weak is the one hundred and fifth chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen Walker smiles in spite of his bad state. Tyki Mikk demands is his broken arm makes him rejoice like that. Allen coughs some blood . Lenalee tells her friend not to face him, as a parasitic-type, if his innocence is destroyed he will suffer from it. Allen smiles again looking at Lenalee and speaks to Tyki. He states that the Noah are mistaken about the Exorcist. They think simply destroying the Innocence will make them powerless humans. But this is the humans that they should fear. He explains that as long as his human mind is connected to the innocence, he can still use his power while his left arm starts to glow. Tyki is surprised and is suddenly stiked by a hit that pulverizes the whole right side of his body in an instant.

Road looks at him surprised too as Tyki is filled with horror.but soon realizes that his body is intact. Allen's anti-akuma weapon fixed itself. Tyki's tied hair fall under the shock as he palpates his own body wondering what happened. Maybe it is the innocence energy that makes him hallucinate this ...or is it? Allen repeats that they underestimate humans . At this, Tyki snaps. He starts laughing maniacally and concludes that all he has to do to make the innocence disappear is to erase Allen from existence. Road notes his state of mind and secures the area.

Tyki aims at Allen and rejects the air several times. This causes a huge blast that takes Allen away. Tyki states that he gives him his powers as a thanking for his lecture.Road has managed to releport everyone but Allen in a safe area just in time as Lero notes.Chaozii Han notices that Lavi is still unconcious .Lenalee tells him to hold on. A colorless sphere is destroying the tower and Lenalee asks what's happening. Road explains that Allen is inside the sphere. Tyki bears the memory of pleasure and has created a vacuum by rejecting the air around Allen. The exorcist can't breath and his body will disintegrate.

Tyki comments that humans 's fragile side is cute but their fears are disgusting. He decides to finish off Allen and flies himself in the vacuum in the direction of in pain and unable to move Allen. Road says at loud " Is it the end of Allen?" as Tyki prepares to destroy him.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Allen is in great pain and he splits blood due to being in a vacuum. And Road states that Allen's body will soon desintegrate. This is because of several physics phenomenons that are described in space exposure. A Major one is the pressure difference between Allen's body and the vacuum. that causes the air inside his lungs to compensate by spill out of his body.


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