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Kindness and Strength (優しさと強さと, Yasashisa to Tsuyosa to) is the one hundred and seventh chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen Walker flourishes his newly-acquired sword while ordering it to give him strength. Noticing that he is preparing to leave his vacuum prison, Tyki Mikk decides to stop him but Allen already slashes the sphere in half with his Innocence. This causes a shockwave that is felt by everyound around. Road Kamelot asks Tyki what is the matter as the latter makes his landing. Tyki answers that Allen is surprising, to the point he doesn't laugh anymore. He may have woken up something bad.

Allen stands before his foes wielding his sword with his right hand. Road is stunned by the vision and she makes the connection with The Earl of Millennium who wields the exact same sword only with the colors inverted. She shakes her head thinking that she may have dreamed. Allen raises his blade and Lenalee has a strange feeling. She finds that his strength aura is even scary. Allen utters that he will protect his companion and attack Tyki. Tyki asks him why he tries so hard and he protects himself with a star shield. Allen replies that he should be able to understand too and Tyki's shield shatters under the force of the sword. Tyki is passed through by the blade.

Road is surprised and Lenalee is shocked that Allen who until then couldn't bring himself to kill humans just sliced off a Noah without a hesitation. Tyki feels his body and realizes he is still in one piece. Even though he felt the pain he is unhurt. He asks Allen if this was an illusion and the Exorcist replies this was real, he sliced the noah in him. A belt of crosses appear where Tyki was hit and Tyki is suddenly submerged by a violent pain. He yells while holding his head and spitting blood. Road understands the nature of Allen's new weapon, it can destroy evil while sparing the human: The sword of exorcism.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Allen says Tyki should be able to understand his feelings because he knows that he has friends too.
  • Allen and the earl having the same sword makes sense now that it is revealed that
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Allen is the host of Nea, the fourteenth Noah. And Nea is half of the original Earl of Millennium.


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