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Demon -A Devil- (魔−a devil− "Maa devil-"), Tankōbon  :The Devil Within is the one hundred and eighteenth chapter of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The chapter starts with a depiction of Allen's newly acquired sword and a description of its power. Hitting with a devil-hunting cross, this blade expels the deuce while sparing the humans: An all loving-clown on the battlefield. At this sight, Road Kamelot is astonished and she addresses the Earl to witness the little clown he spared. Tyki Mikk laughs both hysterically and painfully. Holding his own head he asks if Allen wants to remove his Noah without killing him. He calls him naive and pretentious. Allen replies that he will make sure this happens and will take all the responsibility for it. Road jumps on her knees to help her kind but Tyki makes a hand sign not to approach trying to reassure her.

At this moment Allen charges again and impales Tyki claiming this war is not his anymore. Veins grow on Tyki's forehead around his stigmata and his skin color return to human's. He loses consciousness and Allen whispers an apology to a horrified Road. Allen draws his sword out and lets Tyki fall on the ground. His stigmata disappear as Lero notices. Chaozii Han cheers as Lenalee Lee realizes what happened in relief.

However Chaozii is suddenly stabbed in the back by three candles. As Chaozii falls , they look around to realize they are surrounded by hundreds of floating candles pointed at them. Road orders them not to move. She adds to Allen that even if Allen may survive, his friends will surely die. She says that she may like Allen a lot but "family is special". They have that in common so he'd better not move. She walks to Tyki and puts his head on her lap. She goes on to threaten "I am not quite myself at the moment." But for her this won't be enough, she needs to punish one of them. She opted for Lavi who is still in her dimension.

Lavi is then shown facing tens of illusions of his comrades rising from coffins.

Chapter Notes[]

  • Chaozii is stabbed in his back which had been already burned earlier.
  • The name of "the Noah in Tyki" had not been revealed yet. It's only in chapter 187 that we learn his name is "Joyd".


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