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Moving in the Storm; 2am 嵐の引っ越し 午前2時, (Arashi no Hikkoshi, Gozen Niji) is Night 159 of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Noah's Ark floats above headquarters, as a bolt of lightning strikes the ground.


On a stormy night, everyone is busy packing for their move to the new headquarters; but their plans are interrupted by an unexpected blackout.


Krory awakens during the night to find his arms are wrapped in chains, and the only thing he can recall is fighting against Jasdevi.[1][2] Distressed, he calls out for Lavi and Allen, but his anxiety only heightens when he spots a mysterious figure in the room.[2][3]

At that moment, a vial is dropped onto the ground, and rolls towards Krory’s outstretched hand.[4]

While everyone is helping the science section pack up their things for their move to the new headquarters, Allen has fallen asleep against a large pile of books. Unbeknownst to him, on top of the pile is a hair tonic created by Reever for Bak’s birthday, and it does not take long before the pile topples under Allen’s weight. Before Reever could get Allen to wake up before falling, the tonic spills out onto Allen, causing his hair to grow longer.[5][6]

Not only this, but it turns out that Bookman, Lavi, and Kanda have also been affected by the various potions made by the science section; Lavi and Kanda have turned into children, and Bookman’s hair has turned into rabbit ears. This brings relief to Allen, who is thankful that nothing too weird happened to him.[5][6]

As he continues to help pack and move boxes, Allen thinks about an earlier meeting with Komui to discuss the ark. He thinks about how he is not necessarily worried about them being suspicious of him, but because of how wrong it feels for him to have something inside of him that he cannot understand. He also wishes he could talk to Cross, for reassurance that everything is okay and that he can keep trusting Mana.[6][7]

It is not long before he is pulled back out of his thoughts due to the commotion happening around him, and at that moment the lights within the order suddenly go out.[8] As everyone wonders about what caused the blackout, Marie announces that he can hear noises which are coming closer. Everyone trains their eyes onto a nearby door, which then begins to open.[9]



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