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The Black Order Annihilation Incident (黒の教団壊滅事件, Kuro no Kyōdan Kaimetsu Jiken) is the seventeenth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Komui Lee, pleased with himself, introduces those around him to a robot called Komlin. His sister, Lenalee Lee, starts to ask him something just as Komlin’s one eye flashes.

Tired after having just gotten back from his last mission, Allen and Toma start to make their way upstairs from the waterway when Lenalee collapses on the stairs in front of Allen, unconscious. When Allen attempts to rouse her, Reever Wenhamm, bruised and slightly bloody, walks down to warn Allen and Toma that Komlin is coming. Before Allen can ask, the wall ahead of them is destroyed as a large robot, Komlin, bursts out, staring at them.

The Komlin locks on Allen and Lenalee, and Reever tells Allen to run, as the robot is targeting Exorcists.

Lenalee on his back, Allen flees with Reever and Toma, Reever explaining as they go that the Komlin is an invention of Komui’s that went out of control.

In a flashback to thirty minutes before, it is revealed that Lenalee was just bringing coffee into the Science Division when Komui appeared to introduce Komlin, a robot designed with his intellect that was supposed to take the strain off of the Science Division. As the Science Division members thanked Komui happily, the Komlin took Komui’s coffee and drank it, causing a short. The Komlin then anesthetized Lenalee, proclaiming that it wanted to make her a better Exorcist by giving her a muscular physique.

Back to the present, Allen and Toma are exasperated by Reever’s explanation.

Reever apologizes to Allen, welcoming him home and causing Allen to think back to someone.

As they make it upstairs, the group sees the entire Science Division taking refuge on the floating platform in the center of the building, Komui screaming out to Lenalee desperately.

Just then, the Komlin appears again and starts attacking.

On the lift, Johnny Gill turns on the lift’s cannon and prepares to fire, but before he can Komui wraps his arms around Johnny’s eyes, begging him not to shoot. After the lift spins from the sudden disruption, firing on the rest of the building, the other members of the Science Division tie Komui up and force him to walk out on the cannon.

There, Komui orders the Komlin to ‘fix’ Allen’s Anti-Akuma Weapon.

The Komlin registers that order as priority and seizes Allen, who is tranquilized by Komui when he tries to use his Cross on the robot.

While Reever is distracted with trying to save Allen, the Komlin turns on Lenalee, who wakes up at that moment.

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