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The Black Order Annihilation Incident Amended: The Black Order Attempted Annihilation Incident (黒の教団壊滅事件改め黒の教団壊滅未遂事件, Kuro no Kyōdan Kaimetsu Jiken Aratame, Kuro no Kyōdan Kaimetsu Misui Jikan) is the eighteenth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Komui wails as the Komlin goes after Lenalee, destroying the balcony she is on, but Lenalee awakens and dodges before it can get her. Lenalee lands on the tip of the cannon on the lift, blearily asking if Allen is back as she activates her Innocence, the Dark Boots.

Reever tells Lenalee that Allen is inside of the Komlin, and when the robot makes to go after her again, Lenalee attacks, landing a blow on its face, much to Komui’s mortification. When the Komlin attempts to fire at her, Reever amusedly remarks that there is no way anyone can keep up with Lenalee with her Innocence invoked.

Lenalee lands a devastating blow, shaving off half of the Komlin’s side and freeing Allen for Reever to save.

As the members of the Science Division cheer for her to destroy it, Komui gets between Lenalee and the Komlin, begging her not to blame the robot, but the coffee that caused it to short out, instead.

Lenalee simply tells her brother to go “think about what [he’s] done” before kicking the Komlin aside, destroying it.

Later, Allen wakes in the library to Lenalee tending to him. She apologizes for her brother’s robot, then welcomes him home, a greeting quickly repeated when the other building staff come in as a group to check on Allen.

Allen then goes to meet Hevlaska, who also welcomes him back. After remarking that the previous night was difficult because of Komui, Hevlaska takes the shard of Innocence that was once Lala’s heart and stores it within herself, saying that she will hold onto it until a General returns to take it with them. Komui explains that it is the job of the Generals to find Accommodators.

Allen is amazed by the appearance of the ‘inside’ of Hevlaska’s body, a large, complex heptagram within a heptagonwithin a circle with 109 slots for each shard of Innocence.

Hevlaska sets the shard of Innocence into its slot and tells it to rest, remarking that they now have 41 stored shards of Innocence and that there are so many left.

Elsewhere, an unnamed man starts to eat a boiled egg, only to remark that it isn’t sweet before punching in the side of the head of the maid that had served him. At the table of others around him, an unnamed female tells him to calm down at a family dinner, turning to the Millennium Earl for backup.

She then asks him why he joined them for dinner, assuming that it is time for “them” to make their move.

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