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The Awakening of Alma Karma

Chapter 194

Aruma Karuma Kakusei
Chapter Information
Release Date May 7, 2010
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Artificial Exorcists Arc
Night 194
Volume Little Goodbye
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 7 (Hallow)
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The Awakening of Alma Karma (アルマ=カルマ覚醒, Aruma Karuma Kakusei) is the one hundred ninety-fourth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Allen watches Kanda kill Alma his angers grows increasingly stronger until he can move his physical body and hits Kanda in the head disrupting the memory lock and greatly surprising Wisely. Road, back in doll form, comments that Allen is merciless to have hit Kanda with his Innocence but Allen shrugs off the comment saying they've always been like that. The blow from Allen's attack also injures Wisely who rolls around on the floor in pain whilst Tyki and Cheryl look on. Road informs Allen that his actions may have been too late as Tokusa is caught up in Cheryl's pipes. She shouts to Allen to stop Alma who is the womb of their Dark Matter. As Allen dodges the pipes the rest of the Order members present are also caught up in them. A huge face is seen being formed by the pipes in front of Allen and from the mass Alma Karma emerges. Johnny explains that because of the hatred Alma feels in his awakening the Dark Matter is turning him into an Akuma. As the Earl watches a huge explosion engulfs everyone as Alma awakens. The force of the explosion is felt by Tewaku and Link who are traveling miles away with Timcanpy. As they recover Tewaku begins to be affected by the Dark Matter inside her unbeknown to Link.

As Alma falls to the grounds he fully awakens and lands without injury, now covered in markings reminiscent of level four Akuma designs. He calls out for Yu amongst the debris of what was the North America branch.

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