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Little Goodbye

Chapter 199

リトル グッバイ
Ritoru Gubai
Chapter Information
Release Date October 1, 2010
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Artificial Exorcists Arc
Night 199
Volume Little Goodbye
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 9 (Hallow)
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The Truth of the Failed Flowers
Seeds of Destruction

Little Goodbye (リトル グッバイ, Ritoru Gubai) is the one hundred and ninety-ninth chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Because the Millennium Earl ordered Alma Karma to self destruct, Alma Karma slowly explodes with sadness to Yu Kanda. Allen Walker tried to stop the self destruction but it was too late, Allen saw Kanda was destructed awfully due to Alma Karma's self destruction leaving a ball beside him. This chapter revealed that Alma Karma's reason for being an akuma is not for revenged but the soul used in Alma Karma was the soul of the woman that Kanda loved. The ball besides Kanda was slowly forming into Alma Karma's form revealing a promise that Kanda and Alma made 9 years ago. Alma Karma searched Kanda's body for wanting to be beside him because Kanda is the only person he don't want to lose. Allen lead Alma to Kanda while crying. But when they are close to Kanda the Dark Matter suddenly intends to devour his soul. Kanda called Allen and made a plan. Allen use his innocence to tie the Millennium Earl and pull it. Kanda called Alma while reaching his hand to the sky, Allen arrived with Kanda and Kanda asked Allen if he remembers there first mission and Allen replied Yes later Allen throw Kanda to Alma while saying " Lenny-san told me. If any one was capable of helping Alma it'd be Kanda" "I feel the same" and then Kanda replied " Thank you, Allen Walker". Kanda arrived from the sky then hugged Alma and said " Let's run away from here together, to a place where there is no Innocence, no Church together this time" then Alma started to cry. Allen opened the gate into the ark and then Kanda and Alma entered the ark, after Kanda and Alma entered the ark Allen started to close the gate. After that he said "I will not allow Noah or the Church to get in the way any longer". Its Allen's decision for only two!


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