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A Full Moon Night (満月の夜, Mangetsu no Yoru) is chapter 2 of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.




Allen is still making his journey to the Black Order. He travels with some circus people, and - as he falls asleep - dreams about what happened three months previous. In this dream, he talks with his master (a man named Cross Marian) about the fact that Allen is officially becoming an exorcist. They discuss that he needs to go to the Black Order headquarters once he wakes up from his dream, and Cross Marian proceeds to strike him.

Allen awakens to a scream. He hears that there is an Akuma, and so he jumps from the chariot and goes to the crowd from where the voice emanated. According to the townspeople, it turns to be false alarm. The townspeople show him a child named Jan, who caused the uproar, but - even as the townspeople leave - Jan insists there is an Akuma. Allen then appears and saves Jan. Jan grows excited, after seeing that Allen has an anti-Akuma weapon. The two walk together for a while, as Jan asks him many questions, and Allen warns him - in turn - to be careful. Jan proceeds to give Allen an onion-shaped object, which contains a gadget which creates a tear-gas, and Allen thanks him for the gift, before he returns home.

Jan's friend Leo later arrives, which allows Jan to discuss with him the The Millennium Earl, and - after this - Leo asks Jan to accompany him to the cemetery. When Allen appears at Jan's house, Jan foists his housekeeper upon Allen. As Jan and Leo departs to the cemetery, Allen's cursed eye is activated. At the cemetery, meanwhile, Jan and Leo run into The Millennium Earl. Jan throws an onion-bomb towards him. The bomb explodes, and Jan tries to run with Leo, who would not move from his spot. The Earl then reveals that Leo has been dead since his mother's funeral, and he is now an Akuma. Jan starts to say it is a lie, however Allen reappears and confirms that Leo is an Akuma.


Chapter Notes[]

  • Allen thinks that the housekeeper reminds him of someone. Given her facial features, he might be referring to Barba (who works as a servant in Mother's church)


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