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Premonitions of Separation

Chapter 204

Wakare no Yokan
Chapter Information
Release Date March 3, 2011
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Seed of Destruction arc
Night 204
Volume Fate
Episodes adapted from this chapter 11-12 (Hallow)
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Premonitions of Separation (別れの予感, Wakare no Yokan) is the two-hundred and fourth chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Apocryphos has appeared before Allen, Tyki, and Road . He poses a great threat to the Noah, as he compares himself to the Grim Reaper for them. Tyki engages in combat with the reaper, soon revealing that the Noah had set a trap for Apocryphos. Though it seems like Tyki has the upper hand, he's soon pinned against a wall, seemingly disabled.

Allen immediately intervenes out of anger, freeing Tyki and pinning Apocryphos against a wall with Crown Clown. Road yells to Allen, warning him to stay away from the beast. Allen ignores her out of fury for the one who murdered his master. Apocryphos assumes that Allen must have looked inside of him just as he was "eroding" Allen, seeing that he was the one who murdered General Cross . He then explains that Allen is a parasitic type and has been under the influence of his master for some time.

Allen's Innocence then reacts violently, Apocryphos telling Allen that "Crown Clown wanted [to unify] too". Apocryphos grips Allen by the forehead and once more attempts to "unify" with Allen. Allen rejects the action in saying "he'd puke" at the idea of them unifying. Enraged, Apocryphos then prepares a blow for Allen, hitting Road instead who ran to block the blow. Allen and Road are sent back as seals suddenly appear around Apocryphos.

It is revealed that Link is still conscious as he unseals Timcanpy from his chains. Tim immediately bursts through the ceiling with Allen and Road in his mouth. They fly up into the air, revealing their escape to the Order. Orders are soon sent to the staff and exorcists, saying that Allen has now lost all rights as an exorcist. Apocryphos turns back to his cardinal form, his cover still intact as Link won't remember anything when he wakes up. Allen is now a fugitive to be hunted down as a Noah by the exorcists.


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