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Searching for A.W./A Fellow Traveler

Chapter 209

A.W. (Aren Wōkā) wo Tazunete Dōkōsha
Chapter Information
Release Date November 1, 2011
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Searching for Allen Walker arc
Night 209
Volume Volume 23
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We Live Lives of Doubt
Searching for A.W./The Reason

Searching for A.W./A Fellow Traveler (A.W.(アレン・ウォーカー)をたずねて・同行者, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) wo Tazunete Dōkōsha) is the two hundred and ninth chapter in the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Johnny Gill prepares to leave the Black Order by train, he is met by two agents of Central, who give him a serum that will erase his memories of his time with the Order. Before he takes it, Johnny thinks back on his friends who saw him off, Reever Wenhamm, Gigi Lujun, and Cache Dop, all who wished him well in his search for Allen Walker. When it crosses his mind that drinking the serum might make him forget his mission to find Allen, Johnny hesitates, then brings out and throws a bomb of knock-out gas to slow the Central agents. Unfortunately for Johnny, the agents are CROW, who are able to brush the smoke off and use CROW talismans to stop him. Before they can detain him, Yu Kanda steps in and saves Johnny. Kanda then announces that he'll be joining Johnny in his search for Allen.


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